Five Things I’m Most Proud Of

Life is tough sometimes. You have your ups and your downs but when you’re feeling low, I find it’s always helpful to step back and look at the aspects of your life that you are most proud of. I personally find it helps pick me up from that dark place and throws me into a more positive light. Give it a try yourself!

1.  My friends and family

My friends and family are probably what I’m most proud of. When I was younger, I typically never fully appreciated the family I had around me. It’s only until you lose someone or someone’s life is compromised that you get a wake up call to keep those close, even closer. My family are always super supportive and every friend who’s ever met my mum and dad, say they love them! Likewise, my friends are all so ambitious and kind. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. It doesn’t matter whether you met your friends for life in primary school, high school, college or university. As long as you are yourself and they’re genuine, that’s all that matters.

2. My blog

Since starting my blog, I’ve been shocked at the amount of opportunities that I’ve received. I’ve been to live events and reviewed some amazing products. I would love to turn my blog into a full-time career and I’ve got some exciting goals planned for me in 2017. If you want to achieve your dreams, they are attainable but you just have to work hard. No one ever got where they were by not going out there and proving yourself. I love getting responses from readers and from friends who have found certain blog posts to be helpful. This is why I do my blog!

3. Good Health

I think we definitely underestimate just how vulnerable our bodies can be. I’ve luckily never broken a bone in my body (which is a surprise because I am very clumsy) and I’ve never had any major health problems since becoming an adult. If you have generally good health then appreciate living in the moment. It’s like when you get a cold or a sore throat and you think back to the time that you didn’t have a blocked nose or were kept awake in the night from a throat infection!

4.  My Success

Everyone succeeds and everyone fails. It’s just the way life works. Instead of thinking of our failures, we need to think about our accomplishments. Everything seems like a competition nowadays and that tends to be the reason for our low moments. Let’s just take note of the things we’ve done in our lives already. I’m proud of all the acting I’ve done, all the blogging events and opportunities I’ve been a part of. All the friends I’ve gained and all those friends I’ve lost (and that’s because I was true to myself). Life is a constant learning curve, so be proud of what you’ve accomplished and learn from those little blips in life.

5.  My Ambitions

I would like to think that I’m quite ambitious. Not in a competitive way but in a way where I want to be happy and have achieved my goals and dreams in life. I’m not one of those people who will be in the same job for years and do the same things day in and day out just because it’s easy. Life isn’t easy and I want to challenge myself more. 2016 hasn’t been the best year for any of us in general, what with all the violence, death and general negativity in the news. However by looking forward and setting goals, I’m hopeful that one day I will be doing something that I love.

What are five things that you are most proud of? Let me know in the comments below.

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