MuscleTronic Review

Now I’m still new to the whole diet supplement world so I am always a little reluctant to put pills into my body without knowing what’s in them, the potential side effects and the results it provides. So when I was approached to try out MuscleTronic, I made sure that I got all the information possible before implementing it into my meals.

MuscleTronic is mainly used for those who want to build muscle and is most popularly used by bodybuilders. Don’t worry though I have no interest in becoming a bodybuilder myself anytime soon! I wanted to use the pills in order to burn the fat off around my stomach, hips and my thighs in order to create more firm and lean muscle around those areas. The stomach is where I struggle the most as it seems to be the place where all the food goes. I spoke to Martyn Slack, an SNR Affiliate Manager from MoreNiche. He put my mind at ease by making me aware of there being no side effects but perhaps I would notice a slight raise in my temperature. The pills main aims are:

  • Enhance your physical strength and energy flow
  • Improve your cognitive function, focus and drive
  • Build quality, lean muscle
  • Increase fat burning
  • Elevate your mood and reduce stress
  • Expand your physical capabilities
  • Suitable for anyone of any fitness level
  • Fully dosed, quality performance supplement

The complex ingredients are a little daunting, however their website offers a break down of each of the ingredients that go into the mix and this helped me understand just exactly how each element works to serve it’s purpose. Some of the ingredients include Alpha Lipoic Acid which allows the food you eat to store itself less as body fat and more as muscle. Caffeine is obviously an energy stimulant to help you feel energized, maximizing your gym workout performance. It’s hard to believe upon reading, the amount of elements in these pills, can actually fit into one capsule! The recommended dose is taking 4 per day, 2 with breakfast and 2 with lunch. I believe this can be increased overtime,  however I kept this constant for about two weeks. It’s definitely important to take these just after eating your food, so that it’s on a full stomach. Be sure to also eat healthily and actually go the gym, otherwise it’s pointless taking them.

The cost of these is £39.95 for one month’s supply, £79.95 for two and £159.95 for six months. I couldn’t say whether this is something you could replace protein shakes with but if you’re wanting to really invest in sculpting/toning your body, then these are worth a try. My only negatives with these pills are the size of them (they’re a little hard to swallow) and the after taste is quite bizarre, not unpleasant but not the best tasting supplement you’ll find on the market.

As for the results, I definitely noticed a slight change but I didn’t go the gym as often as I wanted to go. Therefore, I’m going to continue with the bottle to see if the results develop any further.

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Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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