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I’ve only just realised the coral theme that seems to be running through my beauty buys this month, which I love! Ain’t nothing more fitting when it’s the month of October and it’s all pumpkins and orange tinged leaves. This weekend I decided to treat myself and do a little shop in my local Superdrug. I need some more concealer, foundation and a coconut infused oil for my hair so it was the perfect time to spend a few pounds…

Now up until recently, I was using Makeup Revolution’s Duo Eyebrow kit, but unfortunately that’s now all been used up and has crumbled into a sad mess. So I decided to go for a product that I’d considered when I picked up my previous eyebrow kit. This is MUA’s Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit in the shade Dark. 

This comes with a little tweezer and eyebrow brush combo that to be honest, isn’t really for me. They don’t work as well so I probably won’t use them. I found that using a combo of the black and dark brown shades works the best rather than just the one. The nude is a great highlighter for under the eyebrows and the eyebrow wax on the bottom right is perfect for keeping the pesky stray hairs in place! I love this kit already and for £3.50, it’s a steal.

Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer is something I’ve wanted to try for ages but I just don’t get why I didn’t get it sooner. It’s been constantly raved by blog posts that I’ve read in the past. I got mine in the shade Ivory which I believe is the lightest shade they do (sob). I was going to go for a lighter shade anyway as this helps cover up the dark circles under my eyes. It’s £5.49 which I think is a great price for a concealer.

To match my concealer, I picked the Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade Ivory and this was £8.99. They were doing an offer of 2 products for £10 on Rimmel, so what a bargain! This lightweight liquid foundation is PERFECT! I do prefer a mousse or press powdered foundation but I’ve decided I’ll make an exception on this occasion. The foundation blends well and has a nice finish that isn’t too dewy nor too mattifying. 

I’ve only recently noticed this whilst watching some make-up tutorial videos on Instagram and YouTube. I picked up BarryM’s Flawless Colour Correction Kit for £5.99 and for a first timer, I’m quite impressed. The kit comes with four different colours that has the consistency of a solid concealer. The palette becomes more wet as you rub your finger into the product. Each colour approaches different skin issues. The orange/red is used under the eyes to reduce dark circles which when I used, I definitely thought I wouldn’t be able to cover it up or that I’d not blended it in properly.

The green is used to reduce redness so I mainly suffer redness around the nose area, again as a first timer of these things, I looked like I had the nose of an ogre. The nude one acts as a concealer which I think is a pretty handy back up and purple is the only one I didn’t use. This one perfects uneven skin tone and dullness but my skin was looking pretty fresh for a change. After applying my concealer and foundation on top I did notice a difference, definitely with the dark spots under my eyes. So far so good but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

And finally, onto a haircare product. I’ve loved using Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil and I recently ran out of the stuff. However it turns out Superdrug doesn’t stock it. BOO! So instead of waiting to find myself near a Boots store, I brought the Palmer’s Coconut Oil which promises to strengthen roots, leaving the hair sleek and shiny. Doesn’t really smell like coconut and I much preferred the thicker oil Garnier provides, however I’ll stay with this product for a while and see whether there’s more results over time. Also for £3.49, it’s not too much of a waste of money!

Have you been beauty shopping recently?

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