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The other night myself and Sam had a night in together on our own. Most weekdays we find ourselves out and about with friends, seeing shows and doing various other stuff that sometimes stops us spending quality time together as a couple. I love spending time with Sam, he’s a best friend and partner rolled into one and it’s comforting to just be next to each other, even if he’s playing games and I’m blogging! There’s nothing like sprawling out on the sofa with a thick duvet and Mr.Piggy (my hot wheat bag which provides me with all the positive feels).

Conveniently I had put in my EatFirst order, who had kindly gifted me with a voucher to spend on their website. EatFirst is a delivery service that brings chef-made meals straight to your door (or workplace in my case). Each day, there’s a different set of meals, including ready to heat and ready to eat dishes, sides, snacks and drinks. I went and ordered the Salmon Teriyaki and the Spicy Flat Iron Steak. Instead of being healthy, I added the Massaya Classic (RED WINE!) to the basket. I mean it was mid-week so that’s my excuse ok?!

Now what I love about this service is that they will deliver at anytime between 11am-10.15pm which is extremely handy for even the busiest of people. They deliver it straight to your door without any fuss or complications. It came in a sturdy thick paper bag, along with an envelope with helpful instructions on the ‘meal prep’ which is basically warming it up in the oven for 8 minutes. WINNING! They had even personalised the instructions with my name. Made me feel all spesh.

The recipe is for me! Thanks Cheff Benn Hodges

Now I’d actually ordered the food for the following day, however I quickly realised I was busy so had to cancel. Their customer service is quick and effective as within 15 minutes of me e-mailing them, they’d responded. So top notch there EatFirst!

I left Sam to warm up the food whilst I laid out on the sofa, sipping some leftover wine from the night before and watching The Big Bang Theory. The cooking process is super simple and our meals could either be warmed up in the oven or microwave. It was simply a case of taking out the sauces and popping the boxes in the oven. We split the meals between us so that we could taste both. One of the problems I found with the website was that there wasn’t really any guidance on how big the meals were. I assumed that they might be big enough for two people but they weren’t. It would probably be good for the menus to offer some couples or group alternatives to attract a larger customer demographic.

The Massaya was a Cabernet Sauvignon at a staggering 14.5%. It was something that was a lot more fruiter than we’re used to in a red wine, as we typically drink Merlot/Pinot Noir (total wine snobs). However, it went down very well as Sam drank 3/4 of the bottle.

Now onto the food. The salmon – glorious, flakey and melt in the mouth went just perfectly with the fluffy quinoa and jasmine rice. The teriyaki sauce gave that sharp salty cut to the overall flavour. The steak was well seasoned and cooked rare/medium rare. The only negative thing me and Sam agreed with was that the portion size was a little too small for one person (but maybe that’s because we’re just greedy). The sides to the main dish just weren’t substantial enough and if I’d have eaten just one of the dishes on it’s own, I fear I’d still be hungry.

Overall I would say that as a delivery/takeaway service, EatFirst is a good alternative to your online takeout services and local takeaways. It’s not a value for money choice though if you’d want it on a daily basis. The meals are quite pricey but fairly reasonable if you’re ordering from them with a takeaway treat in mind. Use this code XWX83W6U to get £7.50 off your order!

*The only downside to this is that they don’t deliver to our home address, hence why I ordered to my workplace. Sob.

Disclaimer – I was gifted a voucher to redeem in return for my own honest opinion.

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