How to spend less this Christmas

I cannot believe that we are merely a month and a bit away from celebrating Christmas 2016. I mean, how quick has this year gone?! I cannot wait for Christmas Eve with the family again! The American born ‘Black Friday‘ is heading over to the UK once again at the end of November and with a list as long as my arm of presents to buy for loved ones, how is it even possible to budget and save spending too much?

I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that could save you a little money here and there this Christmas. But I mean don’t expect miracles here as it’s not 100% something I’m likely to follow myself…HA!

Condense the list

Ok so part of Christmas is the giving and receiving of presents, even though as I’ve grown older I’ve realised it’s no longer about that. So instead of giving a present to every friend, family member and next door neighbour’s cat, try and condense your list down. It might sound selfish but has that one person you’ve brought for multiple times, not bothered to get you a present? Take them off your list! Also condense the list into family groups/relationships so instead of buying for every family member, get a family gift for all of them to share, the same goes for couples and your friends that maybe live together. 

Buy as many presents as early as possible

Don’t save it till the last minute to buy your gifts. This could save you money and avoid you having to fight other last minuters that are clogging up your local high street stores. I’ve sort of made a list of what I want to get everyone and I’m going to try and buy most of them by the end of this month. Whether that’s motivationally and physically possible is anyone’s guess. But if you do it early, then you can then just sit back and laugh at those struggling to buy last minute gifts whilst your sipping a glass of sweet mulled wine.

Don’t splurge

I know it’s super tempting to really overspend at Christmas, I’m a victim to the magic of Christmas and just wanting to spoil people. But does that put you in good stead for the New Year? Nope. Instead of splurging too much on one item, get a selection of smaller gifts. Also make sure you shop around. I know it’s sometimes a little time consuming but I’ve often found gifts on Amazon that are way cheaper than those I’ve seen in other shops.


Ever thought of making your own gifts for Christmas? With online shops like Etsy, where people sell their own handmade products, why not jump on the bandwagon and make something that matches that special person’s personality. I know I’d certainly appreciate more handmade gifts because it shows just how much time and effort has been put in to make it. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I promise!

Just Say No

And finally, if the bank balance really doesn’t allow you to spend any money this Christmas, just tell those who you buy for normally and they give to you, that you’re not doing presents this year. Instead just emphasis the want to spend quality time with loved ones because that’s what it’s really about at the end of the day.

What would you recommend as helpful tips for saving money this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

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