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Peter Minkoff is one of my regular guest bloggers and you can always expect the best advice from his blogs. Check out his last one here. He’s a beauty and fashion writer for Shlur magazine living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in UK and AUS. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty and style advising. This week, Peter is telling us all about what’s trending and at the moment it’s the leather skirt. I have one in my wardrobe so definitely pulling that out!

Leather skirt

Have you heard of the latest fashion revival from the 90s?
It’s time to welcome its majesty the leather skirt. And with so many trends and
styles popular today, there are also many ways to incorporate this classic
piece into your outfits. What’s more, there are many cuts and designs of
leather skirts on the market nowadays, so that you can easily create the look
that you feel most comfortable with.

Casual leather skirt

If you like to feel comfy and stylish, the casual chic is the go-to style for you and you can get away with many different looks. Combine your leather skirt with casual
tops and tees, spice things up with a plaid shirt, or rock a nice sweater. You
can always add more warmth for the upcoming colder months by wearing tights or
stockings. Of course, don’t forget your favourite pair of sneakers or comfy

Edgy leather skirt

Leather skirt

You might fancy that edgy, almost wild-like look, and the leather skirt is a perfect way to achieve it as well. When paired with crop
tops or string tops, this look can be absolutely stunning. By all means, finish
off your edgy style with leather jacket and chunky heels. Another trend that
can be easily incorporated into this outfit to complement the leather skirt is
rocking your mid-thigh tights. The award for perfect jewellery in this case goes
to chokers and statement rings.

Professional leather skirt

Business women can also enjoy this leather piece with simple
combination tips and tricks. With a leather skirt being the accent piece of the
outfit, you can suit it up with classic womens tops and blazers. Of course,
whether you’ll wear your flats or stiletto shoes is up to you. When the weather
gets colder, knee-high boots are a great alternative.

Romantic leather skirt

Leather skirt

There are many colours to choose from when it comes to leather skirts nowadays. If
you want to create a romantic look, you can get yourself leather skirts in
pastel colours and pair them with lace tops, blouses and woven tops. Of course,
opt for tights or stockings with delicate designs and wear your favourite pair
of shoes to complete the look. Fitted coats would look great as an outerwear
choice for those who’d like to try out romantic vibe of the leather skirt.

Retro leather skirt

Similarly to the choice of colours there are also many
different cuts to leather skirts. In that respect, you can get yourself one
that flares into A-cut. These are usually high-waisted, which allows for some
interesting top choices as well. If you want to keep it purely retro, tuck in a
loose blouse or shirt. Make things more interesting with patterns and choker necklaces as well. Vintage-inspired
blazers and bomber jackets would match this look really well. When it comes to
shoes, you can always wear your stilettos with smaller heel, but there’s really
no absolute rule to this bit.

Boho leather skirt

Leather skirt

With boho being your preferred fashion style, you can pretty
much choose any leather skirt cut and colour that you like. The only thing to
keep in mind is how well you’re going to match it with the rest of the outfit.
For example, if you’re a fan of classic mini, go for earthy and fall colours for
the rest of your outfit. Flowy cardigans, statement boho jewellery and fringe shoes would complete this look

Don’t wait a moment to look fashionable and trendy this
upcoming season. Leather skirts are on the top of the list for anyone who wants
to show their individuality but keep things consistent with the particular
style. Most importantly, wearing leather is definitely something that will make
you stand out and boost your self-esteem, thus making you look very attractive
and confident.

Thanks Peter for another great blog post. Peter is also an Editor In Chief on High Style Life. So go check that out too!

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