The Moment I Found Out Santa Was My Dad

The moment I found out Santa was my dad. Yep.


This guy right here, several years ago, broke the childhood illusion that Santa was in fact real and lived at the North Pole with all his reindeer. I’ll set the scene. I was lying in bed one Christmas Eve, the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning, seeing all the presents that Santa had left for me under the tree. As a tradition, the earlier we went bed the better (my parents probably saw this as a godsend) and I’d remember getting into bed and it taking hours to actually get to sleep because I was just so damn excited!

At this point, I think I was sharing a bunk bed with my younger brother as my youngest brother had just been born. Our door was partially open and I was sleeping on the top bunk with my head closest to the door. All of a sudden the landing hall lights popped on and I heard a distinct rustling coming from my parents room. Hushed whispers from my mum to my dad were inaudible and I remember feeling confused as to why they were awake after only just turning in for the night (see, I told you it took ages to get to sleep). 

All of a sudden, I see my dad walk past our door and in disbelief I look down to what he’s holding in his hands – massive bags stuffed full of presents.

No. No. No. NOOOOOO!!!

Santa Chocolate

It’s Christmas Eve and my dad is holding presents that should right now be in Santa’s sleigh making it’s merry way around the world. Instead? My parents are sneaking downstairs with their hands full and I’m left dumbfounded in my bed. Merry Christmas Natalie!

Looking back on this memory, I have to laugh because the whole scene was hilarious. My dad trying his very best to be quiet whilst mum hurries him along the hallway.

At the time, I was devastated obviously but it’s a moment that myself and my parents share and I’m always mentioning it to those when the topic of ‘When did you find out Santa wasn’t real?‘ comes up.

When did you find out Santa wasn’t real? Let me know your stories in the comments below.

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