Make The Most Of The Easter Weekend

It’s safe to say that I never want to fully grow up. I’m always going to act like I’m still in my 20s and I strongly believe that you’re as young as you feel. Age as they say, is just a number! And like all kids, I love the festive holidays – I also love Easter. I never believed in the Easter bunny for some reason though. I don’t think it was as brainwashed into us as Santa Claus is. The Easter holidays were always a favourite of mine, not only because I got time off school but the crazy amount of Easter Eggs we consumed and kept in our pantry cupboard at home. #ohthememories

Easter Eggs

Apart from pigging out on chocolate though, we never really did much around those holidays except perhaps go away to the caravan that my parents owned for a period of time. John Lewis (the egg-sperts of Easter) got in touch with me and asked me what my plans were for the Easter weekend. They are currently running a campaign to make the most of the easter weekend. And that got me thinking, with the glorious bank holiday weekend coming up – yep that’s 4 whole days of fun, fun, fun for adults. I thought what could we do with that long weekend?

Explore new places

You have four days to get away from your home and do something. Whether you have kids, live with your partner or friends, take a trip away together. It doesn’t have to be the full four days, perhaps a day out to the seaside or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. If you really want to splurge though, a long weekend with some sun, sea and sand might be just what the doctor ordered. Pstttt John Lewis have a great holiday shop section. #you’rwelcome

Do an Easter egg hunt

Why not keep it traditional and organise an easter egg hunt. Perhaps you can do a local one and get the community involved, or maybe you can make your own one with just you and your friends at home. Check out the egg-tacular selection that John Lewis has to offer here. I love the Easter Egg Bunny Basket which would be great to give to those taking part in the hunt. Spending time together is what makes these moments special, it also gives you a break from looking at your phone or watching television – dang it I sound like an adult.

Spring Clean

Spring clean

With the lighter evenings coming in at full swing – horray! A spring clean of your home or bedroom always makes me feel so much more calm and happier. A room that has been messy, once cleaned does wonders for your mood. I personally cannot say I’m the cleanest person but I do have my moments where I can whip the flat into shape and have things sparkling. 

Out with the old

A spring clean doesn’t have to mean cleaning. It could be clearing out your makeup collection or your wardrobe to make way for new pieces. Donating old toys to charity or selling your unwanted items on Ebay could also give your home that revamped and less cluttered atmosphere you’ve been wanting since like, forever!

Do that one thing you’ve been putting off

You know that one task that you’ve been meaning to do since like forever? Get it done. It’s normally the most smallest of things. For me I’ve been wanting to update my iPod with music for SO LONG. A long weekend is perfect for getting these types of to do’s done.


Get crafty

Why not embrace your youth and a little DIY?! I honestly don’t think we do enough of this and things like baking and decorating your home with homemade decorations will end up giving you a sense of achievement and productivity, knowing you’ve done something other than binge-watching Netflix. John Lewis has all the tools you need to get started here. The Toft Simon the Sheep Crochet Kit is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Shop till you drop

Shopping for me is something I do every once in a while and is a great way of giving you some much needed self-care around the Easter holidays. Not only is it great to find some fashionable new clothes for your wardrobe or replace that arm chair you’ve been meaning to get rid of, but it’s great for feeling like you’ve made progress and that’s what matters.

Spend time with others

Holidays are about spending time with loved ones so the most important thing is that unless you’d rather do these things alone (which is no problem – I love my own company too), doing this with others will makes these experiences that whole lot more memorable. So don’t just sit on your sofa all weekend – get active and make something happen!

Check out John Lewis’ full range of Easter treats here.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with John Lewis although all words are my own.

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