The Songaminute Man

Don’t you just love the Internet sometimes?! It’s an incredibly powerful platform to sell, promote and engage with people around the world and it’s shocking to think that we’ve only had the internet for such a short space of time. The Songaminute Man is something my mum shared with me one evening on Facebook and I instantly became hooked.

Ted outside recording studios

The Songaminute Man was created by a guy called Mac McDermott. His father Ted suffers from dementia and after several episodes of aggression and forgetting those closest around him, his love of singing music has brought him back to his family. Ted was a singer throughout his life. He was a Butlin’s Redcoat and then travelled around singing in clubs around the country. He worked in a factory when he got married and did the occasional bit of singing on side. His nickname is The Songaminute Man – simply because of how many songs he knows. 


YouTube is where they were discovered and of course once videos start being shared on Facebook, they can instantly go viral and this is a perfect example! Since they’ve rocketed to fame, Ted has managed to secure himself a record deal and with the help of the public, is raising money for him to release his very own album. He’ll need over £70,000 to produce and distribute the CD. They’ve already raised nearly £20,000 at the time of writing this blog and the page was only set up 19 days ago, so it shouldn’t take them too long to reach their target!

group photo of son and father

Ted’s voice is beautiful, so well controlled and you can clearly see the happiness that both Mac and Ted share together when they sing. I also might like to add that Mac has certainly inherited his dad’s good looks and voice! Ted recently sang at the Blackburn’s Christmas light switch on and Ted wowed the audience with his impressive vocal range.


Just like Katy (my family member), life is simply so fragile that we must celebrate it and allow others to enjoy it for as long as possible. Give a small donation to a stranger this Christmas and embrace positive vibes throughout 2017!


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