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On the third day of blogmas, my true love gave to me lots of freaking chocolate. Let’s admit it, I’m sure a lot of you can remember (and those fortunate to receive presents may I add #stayhumble), racing through presents to get to that one thing you wanted that was circled, highlighted, underlined and capitalised at the top of your wish list. But upon doing so you always found yourself with one or two Cadbury selection boxes, right?! Well here at UpYourVlog, I’ve gone and found one hell of a gift that would blow that selection box right out of the water (and I mean who really wants Cadburys anymore?). Also this chocolate box will definitely give that circled, highlighted, underlined and capitalised present a run for it’s money too! What’s that I hear you cry? Morse Toad Chocolate Cards.

Packaging of chocolate

Introducing Morse Toad, a company that supplies delicious treats straight to your front door (or into your Christmas stockings – HA!). Not only do these chocolate cards work for Christmas but they also would be a great gift for someone you perhaps normally just get a card for on their birthday, anniversary etc. Morse Toad very kindly gave me a gift voucher to spend on their website and I made an order that came to £12.50.

Chocolate on display

I decided to pick out a Christmas themed one that myself and Sam will be gifting to one lucky family/friend member and it’s likely that they’ll read this blog post so SURPRISE to that person when they find this in their big pile of presents! Navigating the site is super simple, you click on the specific category you are after whether that’s a festive one, birthday etc or you can completely start from scratch and personalise your own. You can have up to four rows in your ‘card’ and can even include a cute insert message to let the receiver of the gift know just how special they are!

Display of chocolate

I couldn’t think of a much more fitting phrase that we all (me included) tend to say when the festive season comes around. December is full of Christmas parties, dinners and buffets so I went with a pre-made ‘Sod The Diet, It’s Winter‘ complete with hearts and stars. The chocolate has a shelf life of 12 months providing it’s kept out of the sun and stored in a cool, dry place. At present, they only have milk chocolate but stay tuned for some new flavours coming soon.

Close up of chocolate

I think this is unique and quirky gift and I think it’s a great present for those people you struggle to buy for no matter the occassion. So if you’d like to give your chocolate obsessed friends or family members this treat then Morse Toad are giving my readers 10% off with the code ‘upyourchoc‘ HOW COOL IS THAT CODE?!

What do you think of Morse Toad’s Chocolate Card? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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