Kate’s Update

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have probably come across my family member’s battle with breast cancer. She’s currently saving for what could be life-altering treatment and she needs all the donations she can get.

I wanted to give you guys a little update on her progress and to hopefully give her donations page a little boost of traffic. Katy has two very young and beautiful children who keep her strengths up and it’s so lovely to see pictures of them enjoying special moments together, like this.

picture of Kate with kids
Oh gosh just look how adorable they are!

Since setting up her donation page, Katy has had the chance to already travel to Germany, to the clinic where this alternative treatment is offered. It’s one that’s not available in the UK and after her first bout of treatment, she’s now in a position where further treatments could prove very beneficial. The snag? They cost £25,000 a pop. It’s crazy that a treatment is out there yet it’s so expensive and it’s certainly upsetting to see that the donations aren’t coming in as quickly as they used to. But that will hopefully change through constant support and building more awareness to Katy’s donation page.

So really, what I’m asking you, my readers is to either make a small donation to her page here or share this blog post/donation page with friends. Word of mouth and the power of social media can prove to be useful tools in success. Let’s get Katy the remaining treatment that she so deservedly needs.

I mean, these kids need their mother.

picture of Kate's kids

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