Urban Decay Naked Concealer Review

Behold the wonder that is Urban Decay. I’m so happy that I finally got round to trying this brand so thanks Feelunique for giving me that opportunity! I’ve heard so many good things about this concealer that I just had to try it out to review.

I got it in the shade Fair Neutral, which the beauty advisor on Feelunique recommended. It’s always suggested to go one shade lighter for your concealer especially when contouring as this helps create a bit more definition.

Package of concealer

To begin with, I love the packaging. It’s glossy and luxurious and for a first timer of Urban Decay, I was impressed. I wasn’t much for the smell of the product to start off with and would say I’m still not that keen. It has a slight chemical fragrance to it almost like plastic but it does disappear once the concealer is blended into the skin.

The applicator is not your normal doe shaped sponge, instead it’s a long flat sponge with a rounded age which I actually think gets a little more product on the sponge. It also means that you can get a full amount needed (or for me anyway) out of just one dip of the product.


Now for the actual application of the product. I applied this to my under eyes where I find it’s needed most for those nasty bags/dark circles. I apply a thin line down the middle of the nose, a little bit to the chin and sometimes I add it to the forehead.

I love how thick the coverage is with this concealer. At first I thought it wasn’t going to do anything to brighten the skin or bounce the light off my dark circles but hey presto, it did the job very well! I recommend using a sponge to dab in this concealer and I used Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Using the flat end for the chin, nose and forehead and the tipped end to reach the area under your eyes.

Before photo of concealer

After photo of applying concealer

To give you an example of this coverage, below you’ll see a picture of my hand that has a very slight scarring where I accidentally leant on a flat curling iron (yikes). It’s actually faded now substantially but you can still see it upon closer inspection. I applied the concealer to this area and you can see that the scarring is not as apparent.

Before and After Photos

This is a concealer I’ve really fell in love with and will definitely be repurchasing it from my Feelunique Haul!

This product is currently £15.75 which is on the higher end of concealers but for coverage and overall finish, I think it’s a great investment. Make sure you check it out on Feelunique.

Have you tried Urban Decay makeup before? Let me know in the comments below.

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