Contouring Tips For A Slimmer Nose

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler interested in natural remedies and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. As a new guest blogger to UpYourVlog, Diana is giving us some advice on contouring. A lot of my friends compliment me for my contouring but it’s just through practice and perseverance that you’ll master it. However, contouring the nose is one I still struggle with so hopefully this will help us all!

Most people tend to find faults in their own appearance, and a lot of complaints involve the look and shape of one’s nose. The art of makeup has luckily reached its highest peak in recent years, with innovative techniques regarding contouring and visually changing the shape of facial features. This can be a perfect way to slim down your nose and make it look the way you always wanted it to, if you’re not sure about resorting to more serious and permanent options. 

nose contouring

Contour kits

There are many beauty products in the market that are made especially for contouring. These contour powders or creams are especially targeted to visually change the features, and some are even made for the use on the whole body, not just the face. It’s important to find the right contour shade for your own skin tone in order to avoid obvious contour lines and the “dirty face effect”. Also, depending on your skin type, you can decide which texture of the contouring kit is the right one for you. Creams generally work well for people with dry skin, while those on the oily side should go for powders. 

Different shades of foundation

Made really popular by Kim Kardashian, trend of using different shades of foundation as well as a lighter shade of concealer as a highlight is definitely one of the best ways to achieve almost natural contoured look. It is all about placing the different shades on strategic facial points and blending them really well with a damp sponge or brush. Of course, the positioning greatly depends on one’s face shape but luckily, there are many charts online that can help and guide you properly. 

contouring on Kim Kardashian

How to contour your nose

Before you use darker contour or foundation shades on your nose, deal with highlighting first. In order to make your nose slimmer, make sure to apply highlight or lighter shade of concealer on the sides, and down the center of your nose. Then, use darker shades to produce two thin lines on the sides of the bridge of your nose, and don’t be afraid to go over the bridge if necessary. If you dislike your long nose you can add a darker shade on the tip as well, thus linking together the two lines on the bridge. Most people think that they should start their contour from the eyebrows but this is a mistake. For a more natural look make sure to start your contour line from the crease of your eyes. 

Proper tools

In order for everything to look good and proper, you will need some adequate makeup tools. Small, fluffy dense brushes and especially angled brushes are great for nose contouring. Still, there’s no better way to make everything blend perfectly than by using a damp sponge. Regular size of beauty blenders, and similar sponges might not be too great and practical for nose, but there are smaller sponges specially made for areas like these that are made of the same material which is perfect for blending. Of course, don’t forget to set everything in place with a translucent powder when you’re done. 

contouring on nose

More permanent solutions

Rhinoplasty is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s certainly a permanent solution for nose appearance problems. Still, thanks to the innovative technology of modern world, one doesn’t have to go under the knife to get the rhinoplasty benefits. That being said, non surgical nose job is a procedure that’s getting more popular in the world of beauty treatments. 

While it’s important to accept your own body and looks and love yourself for who you are, there’s no reason you shouldn’t play with makeup and discover great possibilities of its effect. It’s fun and in some cases serves as a confidence booster. Of course, if the shape of your nose makes you feel really bad about yourself, and you’re absolutely positive that a drastic change in this department would do you a world of good, and change your own self-image to the better – cosmetic surgery can really be a true answer to your problems. 

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