Wilko’s Homeware Haul

I never really thought about Wilko’s before as being the place to go and buy homeware products. So during one of mine and Sam’s Sunday walks, we discovered that we had some great value shops just sitting a stone’s throw away from where we lived.

As I get older, I’ve started to yearn for a place of my own and unfortunately living in London means that’s something that’s still quite far off. So to appease this need, I’ve started buying a few home pieces that make the spaces I spend my time in feel more like home than a rented accommodation. This is a small haul but it’ll hopefully give you some ideas on sprucing up your living spaces if they are feeling a little drab.

Copper Effect Lamp £20.00 

Bedside lamp on table

Oh dear lord when I saw this, I just knew that I had to get it. I and like every other person in this world, loves rose gold. The copper effect on the base of this bedside lamp is just stunning and looks perfect with the oversized lamp shade that comes with it. The only snag with this product is that there’s quite a lot of light that bleeds out from the top and for some it would definitely be too much. I think at some point I’ll try and get a lower watt light bulb as this might solve the problem. We got two of these so we had his and hers bedside lamps in our bedroom.

Yankee Candle (Sweet and Salty Caramel) – £8.00

Yankee Candle

Now I’m not entirely sure if this was just a special in-store offer as I can’t find it anywhere on the website, nor could I find it again when we visited one back in my hometown. I also don’t know whether this is an actual candle made by the Yankee brand but it certainly does smell like one. I have always loved sweet, spicy and sickly scents. Basically all scents that people would normally find too much. This sweet and salty caramel scent was the best and I just wish I’d gotten more of them as they were only £8.00 and if they were a collaboration with Yankee Candles, these are a steal.

Cafetiere Copper Effect£10.00


Ok so don’t judge me on my obsessive mission to fill my dream house with copper effect furnishings but I just had to get this cafetiere. I’ve never owned my own before and because my partner Sam had brought back some gorgeous coffee recently from our university town of Aberystwyth, this was the first time we tried it out. The copper finish and strong handle, makes this a durable and long lasting provider of delicious coffee.

Have you shopped at Wilko’s before? What’s your favourite homeware store? Let me know in the comments below.

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