The Turtleneck Trend

Turtlenecks seem to be a hot trend at the moment and I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers working this trend lately that I thought, hey I’m going to show off one of my turtleneck jumpers just because I want to give the illusion I’m on trend and totally know what I’m doing when it comes to fashion

PAH. Anyway this jumper is actually a turtleneck but for some reason, said turtleneck was dropping down in this photo. This little number is from New Look and Sam, my photographer aka partner said I looked like one of those ice lollies. I assume he means one of those rocket ones with the stripes of colours.

Close up of jumper

Ice lollies aside though, I absolutely adore this jumper. It’s just the right length and a suitable thickness that means it’s not going to make me sweat like a trooper, nor is it going to make me freeze to death. The colours are super flattering and I feel this really suits those with a pale complexion. It gives us fair skin ladies an injection of colour so we don’t look so ill…

Jumper and skirt

What I love about this is that I can combine it with a simple pair of jeans and boots for casual/daytime wear or I can dress it up a little with a short leather skirt and heels. The heels are from Topshop and the skirt is actually a charity shop find. Never dismiss a charity shop when you are out clothes shopping. Fashion always tends to repeat itself, so you’ll find some beauties in there at a fraction of the price. Plus you’ll be giving to charity so everyone benefits!

Black leather skirt

The skirt is extremely fitted, so much so that I think I need to lose some of that Christmas bulge I’ve still got going on but it’s a dark material and the zips are well placed to avert the eyes being drawn to the bulging belly. Trust me, it’s there.

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Do you own any turtlenecks in your winter wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

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