Theatre Shows I’ve Seen In 2017 So Far

It’s been an extremely busy 2017 so far and I’ve seen more than my fair share of theatre too. We’ve managed to see so much in fact that it’s as regular as once a week! Fortunately, with us both in the industry, we get to see so much talent and shows we’d not normally think of seeing. Here are a few that we’ve seen so far and some I’d definitely recommend you watch if you’re in London anytime soon.



Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, Sam surprised me for my birthday by getting me tickets to see the Theatr Clwyd‘s production at St James Theatre. This was just before the theatre closed for a brief refurbishment into what will now be cheekily named as The Other Palace. This production was lacking a few of it’s main cast members but this was by far one of the best versions I’ve seen. I’d really like to go and see it when it heads over to Bromley as I definitely didn’t think one of the covers playing a main role suited the character at all!

The Glass Menagerie 

The Glass Menagerie

A classic play by Tennessee Williams, the story of The Glass Menagerie is currently playing at The Duke of York Theatre until I believe is the end of April 2017. A stunning cast that effortlessly tells the story of a family who are struggling to survive on their hopes and dreams. The set is stunning and one I believe could possibly win an award at this year’s Olivier Awards. Fingers crossed because it certainly deserves it!

School of Rock

School of Rock

Playing at the National Theatre and what has once been home to iconic productions such as Cats and War Horse, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock is one that will want you dancing on tables and the kids are just fantastic. I always find that whenever there’s a musical with children in it, the energy of the production seems to multiply!

In The Heights (CLOSING NIGHT)

In The Heights

I’ve definitely seen this one too many times but it was a musical that I’d happily go and see again and again because I knew I’d never get bored of it. Conceived by the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, who’s current production of Hamilton is about to take the West End by storm, In The Heights was his first debut on Broadway and has done just as well on it’s transfer here in London. Unfortunately it’s finale was in January 2017 but hopefully it will come back once the hype of Hamilton starts up.

Nice Fish

Nice Fish

A bit of a weird one and a play that I couldn’t decide whether was good or not. Written by Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins, Nice Fish transferred over from Broadway which I think may be part of my reasoning as to why I didn’t like it as much. I think some of the jokes may have fallen a little flat on British ears. Both male leads were strong but the story itself wasn’t anything to get excited about.

You Win Again – Bee Gees Tribute

Bee Gees Tribute

Now this is certainly one I’d never would have thought to see but I was pleasantly surprised by this performance. I also can’t believe just how many hits the Bee Gees wrote. Playing in what was a very old fashioned cinema/theatre, the trio brought to life the band’s iconic music and it was definitely one that would do well touring in the UK.

Do you enjoy going to the theatre? Let me know in the comments below what you’ve seen recently.

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