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So I can’t quite believe that we’ve now been in our property for over a month and although we’ve still got quite a bit to buy for the flat, it’s starting to feel like home. Just last week we ordered the sofa bed for the spare room, so everything is coming together nicely. But already I’m looking at the smaller additions that I’d like to buy to really make our house a home.

ZurleysSo I put together a bit of a wishlist of items that I’d love to see in our home. I don’t want our home to be boring, I want it to have character and for our guests to be inspired when they see it.


Living Room

Living RoomFrom left to right – Scandinavian Style White Sideboard (£328.00) | Black and Copper Retro Wall Clock (£61.00) | Soho Hand-Woven Rug (£229.00) | Thea Tripod Floor Lamp (£46.00) | Elements White Ladder Shelves Unit (£35.00)

So we currently have our sofa, TV & TV stand in the living room. We’ve ordered our coffee table and dining table so the room is slowly being filled up. Our living room is in a L shape which includes the dining room and kitchen. I’d love to have a beautiful side board perhaps with a big mirror around the dining area and I love the old fashioned tripod lamps which I’d love to feature in the living room.

Rugs are a piece of furniture that make a room feel so much more cosy and with our wooden flooring, I’d love to have a rug in the living room space too.



BedroomFrom left to right – Scandinavian Armchair (£294.00) | Gold Pineapple Shaped Table Lamp (£80.00) | Retro Scandinavian Beside Cabinet (£76.00) | Hollywood Vanity Mirror (£162.82)

Like the living room, the bedroom is coming together nicely. I have my vanity table but I still need to get a mirror and chair for it. I want something else next to the vanity table but I just don’t know what yet.

This Scandinavian armchair would be perfect for the vanity table and I love these retro bedside cabinets because they’d match perfectly with the vanity table. Blinds are also something we’ll be needing soon.


Spare Room

OfficeFlynn Office Chair (£169.00) | Angus Copper Geometric Table Lamp With White Shade (£18.00) | Zen Grey Gloss Desk (£169.00)

And finally for the spare room, we’ve only just ordered the sofa bed (as the room is too small to fit another double sized bed in it). We’d like this to be a guest room but also an office space for myself and Sam to do work. That’s why we’ll need a good desk and computer chair and perhaps a standing rail wardrobe for guests clothes.

What’s your favourite from this collection? I think there’s a few from this that I’ll definitely be buying. Let me know which items are your favourites in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.


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