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Our skin definitely takes a battering during the winter months and when it comes to my skin, it’s actually behaved itself – well mostly.

I’ve definitely noticed more breakouts with my skin over the past year and I think a lot of it is stress related. I’m trying now though to get a better skincare regime in place to make sure my skin is the best it can be.

Pure Potions sent me over their Skin Salvation Intensive Lip Balm to try out. Fragrance-free and 100% natural, the lip balm is a handy little addition to have whilst on the go.

Lip Balm

I don’t know about you but I have collected so many lip balms over the course of several years. They seem to just always appear around my birthday and Christmas. It’s like my family and friends are trying to subtly hint that I have prunes for lips. #thanks

Ideal for those who suffer from dry/sensitive skin or are allergy-prone, the balm not only works on the lips but for adding a protective barrier around the nose, eyes and other dry areas.

Close up of lip balm

The ingredients listed are all components that you know, rather than having no clue what it is; beeswax, olive, safflower & hempseed oils, as well as organic tinctures of chamomile, calendula, nettle & chickweed.

I think my favourite thing about the balm is that it’s this wonderful mustard yellow, so you know it’s the good stuff. It’s suitable for all ages, including babies so a great all rounder for all the family.

Applying lip balm

It’s online to buy for £4.99. It’s a bit pricer than your regular Vasaline but if you want something that’s actually going to work, give this one a try!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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