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I’ve always been interested in subscribing to a beauty box but I’ve never actually come across one that’s taken my fancy. I suppose it’s because I know I’ll receive something in the box that I won’t like and to me, it’ll feel like a waste of money.

I came across LoveMeBeauty on a few blog posts and liked the concept. You pay £10 a month for 60 credits. You can spend more to get extra credits if there’s something on the site that you really want. The site has a ‘Shop the edit‘ which features around 10-15 products per month where you can spend your credits.

Selection of beauty products

And I must admit, my first collection of products for £10 is incredible. I’ve literally got the whole range of Eco Tools which are a very well known beauty brand that create these beautiful beauty tools from recycled materials and renewable bamboo. I managed to get three sets of tools including a Love Me Beauty makeup bag which is just gorgeous!

Eco Tols Six Piece Starter Collection

EcoTools Start Kit

Considering 60 credits equals £10, the value for money is literally a budget lover’s dream. This six piece starter collection costs £11.03 so I’ve already got more for my money already! These brushes are super stylish and the bristles are super soft. They also come with it’s own cosmetic bag so I mean…now I have a crap ton of makeup bags.

EcoTools Contour Perfecting Applicator

EcoTools Contouring Applicator

This one, I’m most excited to use because up until now, I don’t think I’ve really got a good contouring blender. I love the shape of the sponge and the size is perfect for popping in my makeup bag whilst out and about. This one is £5.09 so the savings made on this beauty subscription box keep getting better and better!

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

EcoTools Blender Duo

So the Real Techniques Beauty Blender has literally been the one since I brought it well over six months ago. I can’t believe it took me that long to figure out that a sponge gives a much better finish on my skin so when I saw this little duo on the edit, I had to get them. They normally cost £8.48 which I think is great anyway for two sponges. I love the fact that they’ve both got a flat side and I’m looking forward to using the smaller sponge for under the eyes and around the nose.

Overall I can’t recommend this beauty subscription box enough. It’s a rolling contract so you can opt out at any time. It gives you a great selection of products per month and it also allows you to buy more credits if there’s more that you want during that particular month. I’ve already got my next lot on the way so I’ll be sure to feature them on the blog too!

P.S. Make sure you use my code NATAL0723928 to get 30 extra credits with your first order. I know, you’re welcome 🙂

What do you think of LoveMeBeauty?

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