Cult Favourite – MAC Velvet Teddy

Yes I did it. I gave into the hype that is MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick. And why did I give in? Well this lipstick seems to be featured on every beauty blogger’s site at some point or other. Whether it returns as a most used product or a cult beauty guide list, it’s there.

It was there and it was whispering to me (yes I’m a lipstick whisper). It whispered ‘Natalie, treat yourself. You deserve this‘.

And so I listened to that voice and brought Velvet Teddy.

Lipstick packaging

I’ve only brought one MAC lipstick before and I totally forgot how heavy these lipstick capsules are. I think Mac has got the feel of high-quality down well. I also just love their signature black and silver detailing. It’s iconic and instantly recognisable.

The smell of the lipstick is actually what gives me life. It smells of chocolate and you know that you’re hitting the market when you make lipstick that you just want to dunk yourself into a vat of. No joke.

Swatch of lipstick

The pigment and quality of this lipstick is perfect, it’s a matte (again with the mattes right?!) but it has a very subtle shine to it when it hits the light. For me, this shade is the perfect casual lipstick and one to pair up with a bold eye look.

The price tag is always the clincher, but I like how MAC have kept their prices more or less the same. At £16.50, this lipstick is definitely worth every penny. It smells good, applies on so effortlessly and more importantly, it lasts.

Lipstick on lips

Thank you MAC for making me give into temptation with this cult beauty fav.

What do you think of MAC Velvet Teddy? Let me know in the comments below.