Mia’s Christening

I’m definitely getting broody. I mean seriously, the struggle is real right now.

I think I need a puppy to just appease the maternal instincts in me.

This bank holiday weekend was spent celebrating two special occassion. The birth date of one of mine and Sam’s best friends, Elliott. Also know as Elly belly to a few.

The other was the Christening of a beautiful baby called Mia. Mia is again one of the cutest babies ever and she is just at the point where she’s realising the world around her – completely and utterly adorable to watch. She’s also Elliott’s first niece! I thought I’d photograph the event just because it’s nice to have the memories kept on my blog for everyone to see, especially when it’s a special moment for one of my friends.


The Christening landed on Easter Sunday so the day was even more memorable with the service held at Faringdon United Church. 

Now I’m not a religious person at all, I would definitely consider myself a non-believer. I’d like to think though that we do go somewhere after we pass away but I think that’s just a coping mechanism I and many of us have, to feel as though there’s something more than just the life we’re given. 

I suppose that can be said for religion too. I think it’s important to respect everyone’s choices but for me I think religion symbolises hope and that natural urge to seek clarity and understanding for why we’re all here. – I know, sorry guys, didn’t mean to get all deep and philosophical on you!

Grace and Mia

Mia was dressed in this beautiful dress that had gorgeous floral detailing on top and a princess-worthy tulle-style bottom. She was also the most behaved baby I’ve ever seen from the beginning to the very end of the service.

I forgot how quick baby christenings are and it was lovely to see the service tie in the Easter elements with a cross that we all decorated with spring flowers given to us by Elliott’s and Grace’s mum. It looked really beautiful.

Floral Cross

It was a bright and sunny day and we all more or less co-ordinated the colour blue in our outfits for the day (how weird right?!). Here’s a few snaps below and of course I had to include Alex’s photo of all of us, aka the ‘Christening Crew‘.



Holding hands

Baby Mia






Group of friends

Have you got a special event coming up? Let me know in the comments below.