Tips To Keep Your Home Fuss Free

Sometimes our lives can be very limited for time. Those mundane chores and unexpected accidents can become a bit of a hassle. Finding ways of keeping your house more manageable with the spare time we have can leave you with more time spent with family and friends, enjoying life. Here are a few ways of keeping your home fuss free.

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Invest In Wooden Flooring


Yes, carpeted halls and bedrooms keep you warm during the winter months but covering your floors with laminated wood means that cleaning up messes is a lot easier. My parents got a beige/cream carpet fitted back in our old house (I know – don’t ask why) and a number of times things got spilt accidentally, red wine included. It would often drive my dad up the wall! Investing in wipeable surfaces are less of a hassle and turn out to save you a lot of money in the long run.


Floating Shelves


I love the concept of a floating shelf because they can be put up anywhere. I definitely think I’d have floating shelves around the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, as it keeps all those bits and bobs that we hoarders tend to collect, out of the way. A simple dust around them will also keep cleaning to a minimum.


Fake Plants


Fake flowers and plants, in general, are obviously easy to maintain. If you do like the smell of flowers, potpourri is a great way to fragrance a room without having to buy a bunch of flowers every week. Change the potpourri every month to keep the smell intense or to change up the fragrance according to the season.


Walls & Windows


Keep walls fuss-free by avoiding wallpaper and going for paint. Using integrated blinds within windows avoids having to dust them every five minutes and it looks super stylish and modern.


Keep Things Off The Floor


From shoes to books, keeping things off the floor will reduce the amount of dust that builds up around it. Make sure to buy plenty of shoe stands, bookcases and other storage holders to help kerb the mess.

What would you recommend to keep your home fuss free? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post although all words are my own.


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