Drink Responsibly With UBrew

It’s that time of year where the sun is shining and it’s therefore every worker’s excuse to finish early and get down the pub on a Friday afternoon to see in the weekend. The British are very notorious for working hard and playing hard so it’s nice to see more alcohol brands pushing the message of drinking responsibly.

UBrew has launched a new drink called Responsibly and is described as ‘the beer that all the other beers ask you to drink‘.

Owners of UBrew
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The new pale ale is reinforcing the message of drinking responsibly and has released some pretty hilarious promotional videos to go along with it.

It’s a topic that’s been raised numerous times over the years and binge drinking comes with a lot of bad press, mostly aimed at our generation. Can you believe that alcohol-related harm costs England around £21bn per year and tackling crime, involving alcohol, costs a cool £11bn per year. And as the hotter weather hits, we become a little more careless with our beverages. Alcohol tends to be a casual factor in more than 60 medical conditions and it’s reported that in 2012-2013, an estimated 1,008,850 hospital admissions were related to alcohol-consumption. However, with all this statistic spiel, I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching because frankly, I love a good G&T. Instead, it’s all about the amount we drink and making sure we don’t drink too much too quickly.

With a campaign that isn’t taking itself too seriously, UBrew started out as an open brewery where more than 500 members would brew their own beer. Based in London, UBrew sells a variety of beer decorated vividly with funny illustrations so you can tell they are a brand that want to stand out from the more traditional breweries. 


With courses, merchandise and membership available, UBrew is definitely an example of the modern times we live in and that big corporations are no longer the only ones in the market.

To become a member of UBrew, make sure you click here and make sure you drink responsibly this Summer. Hopefully it’ll be a scorcher!

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post but all words are my own.