Highs & Lows | Week 13

I’ve finally gotten back into the gym! I’ve been twice this week and although it was only 30 minutes each time, I am making progress. We also took part in a 5K charity run with giffgaff money, which was a first for me as I’ve never done a 5K run before!

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5K Squad Goals

I actually did it. After weeks and weeks of me saying I’d not been to the gym, I went and did a 5K run. I managed to run nearly a half of it continuously but the other half was a little stop and start. I’m so proud of myself and my friends who took part and we tried to raise a bit more money and awareness for my Auntie who has breast cancer. If you can give anything please do! 

Lows ↓

No more Love Island

I cannot believe that Love Island has come to an end. At the time of scheduling this post in, I’m currently sat watching Friday night’s episode. It’s been a fantastic series with so many twists! From surprise returns to a whole new villa, myself and many others have enjoyed perving on other people’s lives. Bring on Love Island 2018!

Tragedy in Kos

It’s such a shame to hear of the tragedy in Kos from the earthquake that happened late Thursday night. With Kos being a popular Greek island to holiday in, I had a few friends who were over there and thankfully are all safe. With plans for myself and Sam to go to one of the Greek islands ourselves, we had our reservations. However, it’s nature’s doing and it’s very rare that it happens. My thoughts go out to all those who have been injured and for those two who sadly lost their lives.

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