8 Ways To Save Money Quickly

With today’s current lifestyle, trying to save money can be difficult. With Summer in full swing, there are lots of parties and opportunities to be out spending your hard earned dollar. Whatever you may be saving for, trying to save anything each month from your wage can be tough so I’ve put together a helpful guide that hopefully will help you save money quickly.

Consider before you buy

Ever bought something that you got on impulse? It’s the little voice in your head that’s constantly saying ‘treat yo self girl‘. Well, unfortunately listening to that voice all the time can end up with a lot of unnecessary spends – not that we shouldn’t treat ourselves every now and then. Whenever you are thinking of buying something, ask yourself whether it’s something you need and not want. Ask yourself, can I get a cheaper alternative? And also, will this bring any value to my life? If your answers are uncertain, resist the splurge.

Set up a direct debit/Paypal account

Saving money when you have an online banking app can be near to impossible when you have the ability to transfer money easily. Setting up a separate bank or Paypal account where you can transfer money that isn’t linked to your online banking can help you save a lot more successfully. I’ve got one set up that has my takings from blogging in and it’s starting to mount up considerably because I just don’t touch it.

Use voucher codes

It’s insane, the amount you can save with discount and voucher codes online and in-store. Websites like dealsqueen offer over 100,000 voucher/discount codes for many recognizable high street and luxury brands. Getting 10 or 20% off an item may not seem a lot but if you’re a regular shopper, it could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Sell your stuff

I cannot tell you how much eBay has helped in the past with making a little profit with your old, unwanted stuff. Put aside a day where you can go through your bedroom – or house – bit by bit to hunt for those various items you never use and are just gathering dust. There are also various other selling sites such as Music Magpie, Gumtree and even Amazon that now have a platform for individuals to set up their own online shop. This is perfect if you have a small business on the side and want to reach out to the big wide world.


Sometimes, when unexpected emergencies crop up in our lives, fast cash is something we may need. Companies that provide small loans are helpful if you need money quickly. However, making sure you have the funds available in the future to pay off this loan will avoid any nasty financial problems you may have to face. Always look at the small print and never take too much. If you feel uncertain, trust your gut.

Set a reasonable goal

Setting a reasonable goal can help you maintain your savings because saying you’re going to save up £10,000 in six months, for most people, it’s probably not likely. Instead, start off by saving £10-£20 a week and commit yourself to doing this for the next six months. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve saved by the end of it.

Get a side job

Becoming self-employed was probably the best thing for me to do as a part-time blogger. As blogging earns a fair amount of money, I can use my expenditures on my blog to save me paying too much tax for effectively having two jobs. Whether you are doing nannying, working in a bar at the weekends or housekeeping, go self-employed. Keep your travel receipts and anything relevant to what is required to do the job. Also, get yourself a good accountant to do your tax return. All these extra pennies earned will get you closer to your savings goal.


There’s plenty of online survey sites out there but very few actually pay out a decent earning. Global Test Market is one that I’ve found to be the most beneficial. Signing up is easy and after filling in your profile, the site assigns you to plenty of surveys of varying lengths. The more surveys you fill out, the more points you get. And you know what points mean? PRIZES!

The website gives you the opportunity to redeem your points for PayPal credit and I managed in over six months to make around £40 through the site. It may seem a small amount but I only probably filled out about 30-40 surveys over that time. If you have a lot of spare time in the evenings, dedicate some time to filling out surveys and you can probably make some serious spending money from it.


Dining out in restaurants and buying your lunch from various food chains on a daily basis is probably one of the main reasons your money is disappearing. When the average Londoner spends around £2,500 on lunch a year, you never think that that small amount of money every day can total a ridiculous figure. Preparing your food and cooking in bulk can save you a lot of money in the long run. When it comes to eating out in the evening, try to look for deals and don’t over splurge too much on extras, including alcohol. We all know that when we get a little tipsy, the plastic tends to get contactless happy.

Do you have any tips on saving money? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. Although all words are my own.

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