Highs & Lows | Week 12

So pretty much everyone is on the holidays at the moment or they’re going away in a couple of weeks. Myself and Sam aren’t taking our Summer holiday until the end of September, which is both exciting but extremely annoying because, with everyone’s holiday snaps, I kinda want to go now!

Feet in the pool

We’re actually going to start pinning down where we want to go this weekend because, at the moment, we’re still just vaguely browsing and throwing places out excitedly to each other.

Highs ↑

Hair Growth

So last year I got my hair chopped off for my Auntie’s fundraising page which you can find here. I managed to raise over £600 and my hair went to the Little Princess’s Trust and I feel so good in myself that both the money and the hair were going to a place that would make a big difference. Recently, I’ve noticed that my hair is gradually approaching past the shoulder level so we’re making good progress. Well done hair.

Amazon Vouchers

Now this is the point in the blog post where Natalie does a little self-reflecting on how much her life has changed in the past 3 years. I’ve got some Amazon vouchers to spend and what am I obsessing over? Storage trunks. Stylish storage trunks that go at the end of the bed and will store my towels. Yep. Adult life right here.

Love Island OBSESSED

Yep, I’m totally obsessed over Love Island and I’m pretty sure the rest of the UK feels the same. Love Island this year has definitely stepped up both in the media and as a show. There have been so many twists and OMFG what?!’s that I’m quite sad it’ll be ending at the end of this month but hey I’m ready to get my life back so…

Lows ↓

Blog Stats

I’ve noticed a big drop in my views recently that I was panicking, thinking that people weren’t engaging with the blog anymore. However, since a day or two ago, my stats are slowly going back up and I believe that the decline was due to all this beautiful weather that we have been having. I myself have tried to stay away from social media over the past couple of weeks to enjoy the sunshine. And why not?

What have you been up to recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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