Happy 40th Birthday | Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham is one of those places in London that has a real sense of community and it will always be a place I’ll look back on fondly if ever I move away from the big city. In the heart of Lewisham is its shopping centre. It’s a place I’ve worked in before, dressed up as a bunny, doing a promotion for Easter. Don’t ask.

Lewisham Shopping Centre may not have all of the high street shops we’re used to seeing along Oxford Street. However, it always has something going on that gets everyone of all ages involved.

Birthday Cake

Since opening its doors in 1977, the shopping centre has seen a whopping 240 million visits to the venue. When I walk into Lewisham Shopping Centre, it brings back a lot of nostalgia of my own hometown shopping centre in Hanley. Many memories have been made between friends and family members, so seeing other families making their own memories in Lewisham – well it melts my heart a little.

To celebrate the occasion, the centre is currently running a four-day bonanza with a 70s themed fun fair. It’s on until Thursday 10th August and offers guest cake decorating, candy floss giveaways and exclusive screenings of the Reminiscence Film, in association with Age Exchange. I believe this showcases the beginnings of the centre to the present day.

Paul Redden, Centre Manager at Lewisham Shopping Centre, said: “We are thrilled to be celebrating our 40th birthday. Since the centres opening in 1977, we have watched the centre transform and become a real part of the community. We’re looking forward to many more exciting developments and retailers to join us!”


In a time where our attention is being demanded by the digital world, it’s nice to see that shopping centres like Lewisham, are actively trying to engage with their community. It’s bringing people together to create memories instead of staying in, glued to their phones. I think it’s a great opportunity for those with young children too, as the school Summer holidays in the UK are pretty long. It’s a great way of giving the parents a little bit of a break and to give an unsuspecting promotional worker, a chance to deal with a bunch of hyperactive kids!

If you’re a London reader of UpYourVlog and you find yourself in Lewisham, be sure to check out this fun event!

*Disclaimer – This is a collaboration with Lewisham Shopping Centre. All words are my own.