10 Things To Consider For A Road Trip

Whether you’re taking the super festive trip home for Christmas or a trek through America, making sure you have everything you need before your travels will avoid any unexpected delays to your trip.


Although I don’t drive (I know, I’m 24 and I’ve not had a single driving lesson), I have had plenty of road trips with friends and family. Some of which have made the entire holiday and others…well the less we speak about them the better.

Kwik Fit are experts in keeping their customer’s cars in tip top condition and thanks to companies like Kwik Fit, we’re able to go on epic road trips without having to sweat about the big stuff. Going on road trips can be super fun but consider these tips before you go on your next one!

Snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Probably the most essential thing needed for a road trip of any length is a decent amount of snacks. Make sure you have plenty of junk food and fizzy drinks but be sure to get water too and perhaps a meal if you’re not planning on stopping for too long at a service station.  

A playlist that lasts the entire journey.

There’s nothing more annoying than getting half way through your journey and the playlist starting from the beginning again. It’s always useful to have enough music on your playlist that will see you through your entire journey. This will also avoid you having to change the music whilst driving or having to pull over and delay your journey.

Properly plan for regular stops.

If you’re traveling along an unfamiliar route, it’s alway good prep to plan your pit stops along the way. There’s always a service station available for a brief wee and for an emergency stock up on snacks. If you have more time, research the areas and see if you can stop off in a town to have some pub grub or wander around to stretch your weary legs.

Carry change for tolls.

Some of us don’t tend to factor in potential toll points that can sneak up on you unexpectedly. Make sure to factor this in when you have other passengers, so they can pay their way too. A lot of tolls do take card but maybe bring a little change just in case.

If it’s a really long journey then consider overnight accommodation.

One of the nightmare journeys that I’ve experienced in the past is where the drive took more than twelve hours! We just wanted to get to our destination but looking back, it was a little dangerous to have the same person driving for so long. Consider finding some overnight accommodation to break up your journey. After all, we all want to get to where we’re going in one piece!

Make sure your car has been serviced.

There’s nothing more annoying than breaking down on a motorway or discovering your tires have gone flat. Always make sure that before a road trip, especially long haul ones, that you’ve serviced your car and that all checks to both the interior and exterior have been made. It’s something that a lot of drivers may forget (I know right, advice coming from a non-driver) but then again who ever checks instructions? I know I don’t. It’s always best to be prepared!

Use handy travel apps to avoid traffic.

There are so many apps available on our smartphones that are just as good as having a satnav. Sam’s sister showed me an app called Waze which helps provide you with real-time traffic alerts, which is fantastic if you may be traveling alone and therefore don’t have the help of other passengers to guide you.

Make sure you have enough space for luggage.

There’s been plenty of occasions where we’ve had to hold various suitcases and big bulky items on our laps because there’s not been enough room in the boot. Always make sure you discuss with any passengers that may be coming with you, what they’re bringing and a limit on how much weight the car can hold.

First aid kit.

Since going on this First Aid course, I’ve learned some really obvious requirements that every office, home, and car should have but many of us just don’t have them. So it’s no surprise that most accidents in our lives tend to happen in our own homes or vehicles. It’s useful to have a first aid kit for any road trip where you may find yourself out in the sticks. You can get yourself a kit on the St John Ambulance.

Keep others updated.

Especially when you are traveling alone, staying in touch with the outside world is handy in case you find yourself in a worrying situation. Whether it’s a friend or family member, send them regular updates to let them know where you are. This will certainly appease any worrying mum or dad!

Are you planning any road trips soon? If so where are you going? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Kwik Fit. All words are my own.

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