Designing My Dream Home Office

So when myself and Sam eventually get around to buying a house (which will be in 545683538648 years because London is so freaking expensive), I’ve always wanted to have my own office space where I can be totally creative and have it as a quiet hub for my blogging. Which is why I wanted to totally get ahead of myself and tell you what my ideal dream office setting would look like. After getting in touch with Calibre Furniture who are office furniture professionals, I decided to use their furniture as inspiration.

Office Area

The Desk

Now if money were no object, I’d get one of the biggest executive desks I could find but the likelihood of having anything more than a box room would not really accommodate that sort of desk. I eventually want to get myself a desktop Mac so that I’m really only using my laptop for when I’m away traveling. Calibre Furniture has a range of desks to suit both home office and work environments. I love their Classic Glass Desks because they’re modern, easy to clean and look totally swish. 

The Chair

If there’s one thing that I’m really looking forward to when I get my own office space is having one of those comfortable office chairs. At the moment, I’m making do with the sofa, a wooden chair (which is so bad) and leaning up against the wall on my bed. So when I browse longingly and find the Wesley Executive Chair, I mean…can I buy it now? I love chairs that literally envelope you and that you can do all of the James Bond, evil baddie impressions!


The Storage

I visualise my office space with all black furniture and then just pops of colour here and there. That’s why, when it comes to office storage, I’d want something like the Gloss Credenza Unit and probably some floating shelves because THIS GIRL loves floating shelves.

And in terms of everything else, I suppose a bookcase for my books would be great and maybe if there’s space, a cosy armchair of some sort that I can relax in with a glass of wine and a gritty crime novel in hand. 

The chances of me getting an additional room for an office space is fairly slim when it comes to living in London but a girl can only dream and hope that the office gods hear her and find her a place in the city that has two bedrooms, an office space and a big garden all for under £400,000…yep like that’s going to happen.

Make sure you also check out Calibre’s blog post on office productivity hacks, it’s well worth a read.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Calibre Furniture. All words are my own.

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