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It’s always nice when you reach the check out counter in store and find that an item of clothing has been discounted or you’ve been given a free gift. So imagine my pure delight when I received not one but two free products along with my purchases! Makeup Revolution is a little bit of a love/hate relationship because they sometimes produce some great products and then some others just tend to fall flat at the first hurdle.

Revoholics Packaging

inside lip palette

When I got given the Revoholic at the checkout, I immediately thought that this wasn’t going to be a great product. I’m not a massive fan of lipsticks that come in palette form. I just prefer to have it as a stick because it’s easier to apply and less messy than just using my finger.

The Revoholic Lip palette is actually a limited edition so I don’t think it’s available online and I’m not entirely sure whether this palette is made up of existing lipsticks in the Makeup Revolution range…so I’ve given them my own names to reference to them when I’m describing the shades.

Lipstick swatches

The palette has twelve shades in total and they vary in sizes due to the pattern of the palette. I like this idea as they’ve created a good balance between shades, making the most room for the darkest shades and the lightest ones. I had…SO MUCH FUN naming these shades that I’m definitely saving some of these as inspiration if I were to ever own my own lip stick line. #agirlcandream

The Perfect Nude 

This is my favourite nude colour, hence why I put perfect in the name. This peachy, slightly dark nude is pretty much flawless and what I’d happily buy in a full lipstick form.

Peachy Dreams

Probably my least favourite. It’s just too orange and doesn’t suit a fair gal like me. It would probably look better on darker toned skin.

Tan Me Now

Looks darker when swatched but on my lips, it looks lighter. The shade has orange tones but it much warmer than Peachy Dreams.


A more pink toned nude. A little too pink for my liking as I’m fairly red in my skin tone. It would look good though on my skin if I were just back off a week’s holiday in the sun.

Hot Pink

I love this shade because it has that pop art pink that just makes my lips stand out without looking tacky.

Barbie Realness

Definitely not as neon pink as it is in the pan or swatched but it still reminds me of a similar shade of lipstick I bought when I first started using make-up properly and I looked like Nicki Minaj but with really pale white skin.

Frosty Gloss

Definitely misnamed this shade because on my lips it looks hella coral. With slightly pink undertones, I’m not feeling this one at all.

Seductive Siren

Felt a little let down by this shade. I thought it would be a bright pop of red but it ended up being a more deep pink colour. Not impressed.

Mrs Claus

Definitely more of a sultry red but it’s still a pretty muted colour. I think as I dipped into this one, I realised that the darker shades aren’t as pigmented as they make out to be.

Purple Rain 

One word – DISAPPOINTING. Not at all pigmented like it looks swatched and look more like a deathly sheer purple as it doesn’t even add coverage to my natural lip colour. Just goes to show that swatches don’t always provide the same results on the face.

Vampire Kiss

A lot better than I thought it would be but still not as pigmented as I would have liked. I love berry shades on my skin as it makes me like my pale skin a little more. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like using a lip palette because applying it will my finger is not working well.

Berry Blast

This one is my favourite shade on the palette with The Perfect Nude coming in a close second. I love these darker shades on my lip but with this one, it’s a little patchy in places.

The formula of these shades is pretty waxy when applied onto the lips which means the quality and longevity of the formula isn’t great. It pretty much came off once I wet my lips slightly. It’s also incredibly drying and not moisturising at all. When I’m rubbing my lips together I can definitely feel the talc that’s in the ingredients. I can see why it’s a limited edition palette and that it came free with the purchases I made.

What do you think of the Revoholics Lip Palette? Let me know in the comments below.

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