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I don’t know about you but I tend to have a habit of leaving my keys around the flat and then completely forgetting where I put them. I also lose my keys in my bag because of all the utter crap I carry around with me.

Xupo has become my new best friend. Yep, this tiny gadget, not much bigger than a 10 pence piece, is going to save me time and effort that I’d normally spend tirelessly searching for my keys. Not only does it help locate your keys but it can also be attached to your travel luggage and can call your phone if you manage to lose that!

Xupo packaging

The Xupo connects to Android and IOS compatiable phones. It works by connecting to your bluetooth, syncing up with your phone. The Xupo has three features; find it, call it and map it. By downloading the app onto your phone, setting up a profile allows you to use the device within minutes. Once you’re all set up (and you’ve named your Xupo), clicking on the Xupo icon will cause the device to make a loud high pitched sound, making it easy to find. 

By pressing the button on the Xupo, the device actually calls your own phone which makes the same type of noise. And that’s not all, oh no. If your device goes out of range, you can actually use the map option on the app to see the last timestamp of where your Xupo was located.

Xupo with phone app

Not only that but the app has perks you can unlock with points. I had 50 points to use so unlocked the ‘Snap It‘ feature which allows you to use the Xupo as a remote to take pictures on your phone! Perfect for selfies and makes it much easier than having to try and use one hand to hold both the phone and take the picture. 

Other unlockable features include ‘Keep It‘ which keeps the Xupo activated without having to actually use the app and ‘Track It‘ which opens you up to community location updates. This allows other Xupo users around your area, help track down your lost device if it’s current location is out of range.

Xupo on keys

So I’m pretty amazed at this device and how useful it can be. I’m definitely going to be attaching it to my luggage when we travel and it’s a great way of easing that terrifying panic when you think you’ve lost your valuables. 

Want to own one yourself? Well now you can because the kind people at Xupo wanted to offer my readers the chance to win one! All you have to do is enter below. 

Please note that all responsibility for the delivery of the prize is with Review.Directory.

*Disclaimer – I received this product in return for a review and to host a giveaway. All words are my own.

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