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There are significant moments where you reflect on your life and think, you know what? I’ve done alright. Like an engagement for example. I remember that moment when I first moved out of Stoke and into the university town of Aberystwyth. It was terrifying, exciting but I suddenly felt like an adult. 

I found myself having to budget and do weekly food shops, cook for myself, clean for inspections and use a washing machine for the first time. I’d complain at spending £1.50 to wash my knickers even though I had to…because I was doubling up. #nojudgements

BalloonsI learnt a lot from university. How to go out and party every night, completely burning up all that money I got from the government (which I’m now slowly and painfully paying back). Putting on a lot of weight and actually having boobs for the first time ever. Making friends that were exactly my type of friends and not having to pretend to be someone different.

I graduated and although I’m 25 and not exactly where I thought I’d be in life, I’m happy. When Sam proposed, it was perfect. Sounds cliche but it was. However, suddenly though there was this incredible, invisible pressure to impress. I felt there was so much more expected of me and Sam for this engagement dinner and it wasn’t until I was reunited with my mum and dad that this anxiety subsided slightly.

FamilyBoyfriend and BrotherFriendsMy parents are incredible people. Again, something that all kids say about their parents but I digress. They always put me first. They are my biggest fans and they are the kindest and most generous people you will ever have the good fortune of meeting. My friends faces light up with memories of happiness when they think of my parents. They’re fun, they’re young at heart and I see a lot of myself in them, as well as my brothers.

I wanted our engagement dinner to be with close family and friends. Mum suggested a location that our best family friend had recommended and it had very recently (the night before) finished a refurbishment on the area we dined in. We had exclusivity of it, which made it so much more intimate.

Dining AreaLove SignageCoupleIt was also a night of surprises for several people in the room. We sat down for our meals and when we finished with our mains, I brought out two bags for my friends Hannah and Olivia. Inside, I’d prepared a photo frame with a printed out definition of what a bridesmaid is. I also discovered a way of making Polaroid pictures via Photobox which I put a photo of myself and said bridesmaid along with a ‘will you be my bridesmaid?‘ underneath.

Their faces were a picture and Hannah was chuffed to be my chief bridesmaid. Sam also asked Elliott and Sean to be his co-best men because obviously Sam couldn’t have just the one.

Mum and DaughterFamily FriendsFamilyBest ManBridesmaidsBrotherDadsNansCoupleMyself and Sam had such a lovely evening celebrating with our family and friends. We also had an engagement party here in London recently so be sure to look out for that one on my blog too soon.

Do you know someone who’s got engaged recently or are you? Let me know in the comments below.


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