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With the recent mess that is Ryan Air, over 315,000 frequent flyers of the company have been royally screwed over and left out of pocket with some having to pay double or triple their original fare in order to fly. And don’t get me started on Monarch…

Ryanair Planes

The fiasco reminded me of a time where both myself and my mum experienced the unthinkable on a flight out to New York in 2015. When things like this happen, we forget that much like train delays and cancellations, we can get delayed flight compensation. Companies like Flight Delay Claims 4 U, can help you get compensation for flights that have been delayed over 3 hours or cancelled. 

Myself and my mum were heading out to New York for a girly trip to celebrate a belated twenty first birthday. It was potentially a once in a life time opportunity to be able to see the ‘Big Apple‘ and play tourist. My mum had arrived the night before as our flight was around the mid morning and we needed to leave fairly early to get to Heathrow in time for breakfast and checking in.

Mind the gap

The journey to the airport was quite an eventful one. We both had a suitcase each packed to the brim and we were travelling during London’s rush hour. As we attempted to board a packed underground tube at Waterloo, I suddenly realised that there wasn’t going to be enough room for both me and my suitcase to get on. At this point, my mum was already on and we stupidly had used one of the single doors on the underground rather than using the double doors.

All of a sudden the warning beeping alerted us that the doors were about to close and as mum attempted to get off the train she got her head stuck in the door. No joke, my mother got her head caught in the closing doors of the tube and the force of those doors closing is pretty painful. She and several other commuters frantically pulled at the door to get her head out but in the panic, she managed to somehow get her bag stuck. Looking back on the experience now, we both find it hysterical and it’s often a post dinner topic of discussion at family occasions. But at the time, it was pretty scary for my mum who at the time was not used to travelling on her own in London.

Disaster strikes at Heathrow

Like a lost puppy, I found my mum at Baker Street and we carried on our journey to Heathrow Airport. We approached the check in desk with eagerness, only to find that our flight had been CANCELLED. Myself and mum who had already had a nightmare of a journey to the airport, suddenly found our four day trip to New York cut short at the prospect of waiting around the airport for hours for another flight. 

New York skyline

Luckily, we were fortunate that we could be put on another flight just an hour later than our original flight and we were even upgraded to a Virgin flight which included free drinks, food and entertainment! We couldn’t believe our luck and as we sat down for some breakfast, we clinked wine glasses, safe in the knowledge that we were flying that day.

Looking back on our experience with a cancelled flight, we were very fortunate to be put on a plane an hour later and for the generous upgrade. However, there’s those that aren’t so lucky. If you’ve experienced major flight delays before or had a flight that’s been cancelled, it’s definitely worth processing a claim to get some form of compensation. A holiday or short trip away can really be tainted when you’ve had to deal with delayed or cancelled travel arrangements.

Have you ever had a delayed or cancelled flight? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Flight Delay Claims 4 U. All words are my own.

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