New or Pre-owned Watches? | Pros & Cons

It’s not been until recently that I’ve started wearing a watch again. I used to wear one all the time before I hit university and I’m not sure why I decided to stop at the time. Perhaps it was because watches didn’t seem to hold much value to me now that I had a smartphone handy. I think that I now wear watches more as a fashion statement rather than serving its actual purpose…

Watch on arm

But what happens when my phone dies of battery? Well, that’s where the good ol’ fashioned watch never lets you down – well unless that battery runs out too. There are so many commercial and independent watch companies nowadays, that much like the rest of the industries out there, we become a little overwhelmed by the choice. Do we go for a smartwatch, or do we go for a more traditional timepiece? Do I want something brand new or will a pre-owned watch bring me more joy?

New Kids On The Block

When it comes to new watches, your choices are as open as your bank balance is. From named brands to names you’ve never heard of but are still more expensive than a mortgage. There are definitely some perks of having a new watch but then they do come with their downfalls…

You’ll Be On Trend

Getting that brand new Rolex you’ve saved and saved for will have you bragging about it on the daily to all your work colleagues, friends, family and anyone else who will listen. Having the latest gadget always gets admired so when you’re on trend, you’ll probably feel like a damn boss.

But Trends Often Last Only Minutes

Unfortunately though, like fashion, certain watches tend to go out of style and we definitely change 

Smart Watches Make Life Easier

Smart Watches can literally do anything except make you a cup of coffee. Life is so much easier when you start to combine your electrical devices. A lot of my friends and family members now have smartwatches that link up to their phones so they can make calls, read e-mails whilst also seeing how many calories they’ve burned off from walking all day. 

But Their Battery Lives Are Pretty Crap

Turns out that technology junkies like us use our devices so much that the batteries in these things can’t cope. That means, charging your smartwatches becomes more and more of a daily task, the longer you have the device. And I can relate to this, that no one wants to spend part of their day desperately seeing a charging port because their watch has lots its power by 11am.

Smart watch

The Old Timers

Pre-owned watches can have much more personal value and often become collector’s pieces. From online marketplaces such as eBay to quaint shop fronts on the high street, some of man made’s most beautiful creations are the most sought-after timepieces. 

Pre-Owned Sometimes Means Discounts

If you’re looking at the luxury market, in particular, you’re most likely to pay a much more reduced price whilst still coming away with a valuable timepiece.

But The More Sought After Can Be Costly

Like a fine wine, some watches will only increase in price as they get older, becoming more rare and unique. So if there’s one specific make you’re after, you may have to dig a little deeper into those pockets of yours. 

Older Watches Show Longevity

It’s pretty obvious but an older watch still ticking on like a brand new one can prove a brand’s longevity when it comes to its products. Some brands already have a strong audience so when looking for pre-owned watches, do your research and find a brand that’s renowned for its high quality.

But There’s Always The Risk

Like all vintage collectables, there’s always that underlying risk that it could fall apart at any moment. Whilst acquiring the watch you’ve always dreamed of owning, the more it’s worn, the more likely it is to break or suffer from the everyday elements of wear and tear. That’s probably why so many collectors keep the watches off their wrists and bought for display purposes only.

They Can Turn Into An Investment

Models of specific brands do have a habit of increasing in price and just like that it becomes an investment. 

But These Investments May Require Upkeep

Just like looking after an old clanger, some watches may require upkeep, to help keep the ol’ hands ticking by. For valuable watches, make sure you take out insurance, get the right kind of storage and get it serviced by a reputable watch specialist every few years.

Do you love watches or know anyone who does? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Chronoexpert. All words are my own.