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Err Natalie, you don’t have a beard. Yes, I know I don’t unless you count the one black hair that grows back on my chin and I have absolutely no clue where it came from. But moving away from my facial hair woes, I thought I’d showcase this luxury range from Murdock London for the bearded men in your life. Christmas shopping for men can be a nightmare, well for me anyway and skincare products are perfect for those who like to take care in their appearance.

Now Sam doesn’t really do anything with his facial hair so I think I’ll have to give this set to one of my bearded friends. I was sent five products in total which can all be bought separately and would make great stocking fillers. So let’s take a look at these Murdock London Gifts

Murdock Shampoo and Conditioner

Beard Shampoo£20.00

Who knew that you could actually shampoo and condition your beard?! Well, I think it’s a great idea because I’ve always had a fear of beards. 

I often wonder when I see a beard if there’s food caught up in there? Or does it feel like your kissing a harsh steel sponge? Well, fear not because this shampoo cleans the hair and will leave it smelling of oakmoss which is much better than…well whatever it might have been before. 


Beard Conditioner£20.00

To soften the facial hair and to avoid your loved one giving you beard rash, this conditioner goes along nicely with the shampoo. A 250ml bottle is a decent size, considering it’s only your beard that you’re washing. Murdock recommends leaving the conditioner in for a few minutes before washing out to get ultra soft hair.

Hair Styling Products

Sea Salt Styling Spray£20.00

Give your man those beach wave vibes with this Sea Salt Styling Spray. I’m a big fan of this stuff myself as it adds volume and texture to curled hair or a messy finish to straightened hair. This is a more expensive version that I’ve ever had but they have a mixture of oils in this one that sets it apart from the rest.


Matte Mud Hair Shaping Clay£14.00

A versatile clay that gives definition and texture to the hair, the Matte Mud is one of five tinned hair styling products. This one is for those who prefer the texture and control without the sleek, shiny finish.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil£28.00

Argan and Jojoba oil are two of my favourite oils for providing shine and health to my hair. This luxurious beard oil will target directly at the hair follicles, strengthening the roots and providing some much-needed nourishment to the skin underneath. 

Murdock also recommends wearing the oil overnight to reap the benefits if you’re not one for sporting a shinier beard throughout the day. To be honest though, if I had a beard – I’d like that baby shine.

What do you think of this grooming selection from Murdock London? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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