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So I was meant to try myself to a new Christmas Jumper this year and practically rub my overly tacky and extremely garish jumper in your faces but sadly with everything that’s been going on and the panic over Christmas presents, I’ve not been able to buy myself one. I do have two I own back at home so I’m not jumperless.

Instead I thought I’d scour the web for the most delightful of Christmas Jumpers because admit it, you won’t feel the full festiveness of Christmas Day unless you are wearing the sassiest of jumpers donned with flashing lights and stuck on tinsel. 

For The Fashionable One

Christmas Jumper
Fair Isle Snow Christmas Jumper – £13.30

If you consider yourself to be quite the fashionista then a simple Christmas jumper such as this is perfect to show off. Why not getting matching pyjama bottoms too?!

For The Kids

Minions jumper
Children’s Minion Christmas Jumper – £5.99

I mean I have to admit, Ebay can have some little gems if you look hard enough and this personalised Minions jumper is just the cutest.

For The Big Kid

Elf Jumper
Absolutely Fabulous Elf Christmas Jumper – £11.66

If you are the type of person that thinks people who’ve grown up are boring then you’ll love this Elf Christmas Jumper and that collar is just fantastic. Prepare to bask in envy of those around you who wish they too could pull off something so wonderful.

For The Comedian

Banta Claus jumper
Black Banta Claus Christmas Jumper – £30.00

For every comedian out there, there’s a Christmas Jumper to match. This Banta Claus Jumper is just one of many that will stand out from the traditional numbers.

For The Shameless

Rude jumper
Snowman Balls Christmas Jumper – £34.99

Be prepared for heads to turn when you wear this cheeky little number. Unfortunately the model wearing this number definitely had no idea about the jumper that he’s wearing…

For The Scrooge

Fuck This Jumper
Abella Red F**k This Christmas Jumper – £22.00

It’s that time of year again and you just don’t get the festive bug like everyone else does. Or perhaps you’ve gone partying on Christmas Eve and the thought of eating or drinking anything makes you want to vom. This jumper is for you my friend. 

For The Movie Buff

Star Wars Jumper
Star Wars Yoda Knitted Christmas Jumper – £32.00

There’s no end to the various movie slogan and themed Christmas Jumpers out there and with the appearance of another Star Wars film this Christmas, I find this Yoda one to be quite the perfect fit.

For The Retro One

Pokemon jumper
Pokemon Bulbasaur Christmas Jumper – £39.99

For the nostalgic ones, there’s a lot of retro themed Christmas jumpers from Mario Brothers to Pokemon and this Bulbasaur inspired jumper is adorable. It takes me back to my Pokemon days. Gotta catch em all!

For The One With The Inner Beyonce

sleigh my name jumper
Sleigh My Name Christmas Jumper – £28.00

Sleigh girl sleigh with this divalicious number from Topman! Beyonce ain’t just for Christmas, she’s a way of life and an inspiration to so many. This play on words using a Destiny’s Child lyric is perfect for anyone who has a crush on Yonce.

For The Pet

Dog in christmas jumper
Reindeer Pet Christmas Jumper – £3.00

And not forgetting the little loved ones in your life this Christmas. I’m practically cooing over this number for the pampered pooch.

Have you got your Christmas Jumper ready for Christmas day? Let me know in the comments below.

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