Moringa Oil – Review

It’s always nice to try something new, to switch up your skincare regime every now and then. Oils have been of frequent usage for me both with my makeup and with my nighttime routine. I think natural oils are just so good to keep the skin healthy, hydrated and more importantly aid repair.

Bottle of Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil is something I’ve seen on the odd occasion but there’s not a massive awareness of it in the beauty blogging world that I can see so far. Moringa Oil has many beauty benefits as does most oils but this is one I’m definitely going to be using over the Summer for sure.


The oil is a lot less heavier than other oils I’ve used during the Winter, one example being Jojoba oil. This oil also soaks into the skin a lot faster and doesn’t leave much residue on the surface of the skin. 

Close up of oil

The smell is unusual, bordering on iffy but it’s not quite an off-putting fragrance. It’s main benefit is it’s anti-aging properties. Yes I’m 24 and yes I’m promoting an anti-aging product. Surprisingly, everyone’s skin is different and looking after your skin helps reduce the signs of aging. Whatever age you use this at, don’t feel like you are using it too early or too late. Personally, I have fine lines on my forehead and one in the middle of my eyebrows so girl I’m going to help prevent them becoming too prominent ok?!


This oil is actually suitable for all ages too so that includes babies and children. It helps heal cuts and bruises quicker and also helps with spots and acne, so a good all rounder. The fact that it’s cold pressed means you’re getting all of the nutrients and good stuff possible out of the seeds it comes from. If you’re not familiar with the phrase cold-pressed, it’s something that’s certainly become popular in the health market. The process is extracting the oil with a tremendous amount of pressure that retains all elements of the product rather than killing them through other processes.


It can also be used to remove make-up and acts as a great cleanser that’s not going to be abrasive on the skin or irritating around the eyes.



– Versatile.

– Light consistency.

– Suitable for all ages.



– The smell is different so may not be loved by everyone.

– Might be a little pricey.



Make sure you try it out for yourself. You can grab a 100ml bottle for £16.50.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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