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2017 was the start of mine and Sam’s Travel Bucket list as we went on two trips away together that was just us. First off was Rome where we spent a few frenzied days desperate to see all the sights that the historic city had to offer, eating all the food and drinking all the alcohol. Later on in the year was Morocco, where we stayed in a luxury resort and it would be the place where Sam got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

World MapNow it’s 2018 and we’re hungry to explore. Of course, we’ve got the little expense of buying a house this year so there’s definitely a chance that the bigger holiday destinations won’t get a look in this year but that doesn’t mean we won’t be going on plenty of long weekends away.

So what places are we looking at for this year? 



Yes, it’s Amsterdam and yes I think there’s definitely more to this city than just the Red Light District. Ever since I can remember, Amsterdam seems to be a popular tourist spot for men looking for a ‘good time‘. I however would love to see the city in it’s fullest because it looks so damn pretty. With it’s artistic heritage and canal-side views, I would love to spend a few days exploring this beautiful capital.



AHHHHH I want to go to this city so badly. It’s been on my bucket list ever since I was a little girl but the closest I’ve got to Paris is at Disneyland. Hopefully, there will be a chance to go this year because I’m desperate to see the Eiffel Tower in all it’s glory. I’ve been reading all the travel blogs that talk about Parisian food and tourist spots so I’m well clued up for whenever we go.



Ahh Dublin. If there’s one accent that I think is super sexy, it has to be the Irish. Ever since I went on my exchange trip in College to Ireland, I’ve always wanted to go back. I’m a fan of Guinness so I’d definitely want to visit the Storehouse whilst we’re there. I think Dublin is a place I’d like to go with another couple or several because I think it would be a right laugh.



Ahhh Greece is calling me and I’m ready for it. Santorini is one of the Greek Islands that I’ve been lusting over ever since Instagrammers discovered it’s photographic perfection. Literally, I cannot get enough of Insta snaps of white washed walls, stunning blue seas and peachy bum shots. I WANT TO BE THE ONE WITH THE PEACHY BUM. So if anyone wants to take me to Santorini this year then I won’t say no…



Aside from being raved about by one of my bridesmaids-to-be, Thailand looks absolutely stunning and I’ve also been told it’s very cheap once you’re over there. I think this place looks like one of those destinations I’d fall in love with and thank my lucky stars for the opportunity of going. Also talking about it being cheap, the average 5 star hotel is like £30. Destination2 actually have some great options on their site for Thailand at the moment. Check out their deals here. I mean, I should be living in Thailand and commuting to London for those hotel prices. Bit of trek though.



Now this is definitely a luxury spot so its definitely NOT likely we’d be going this year but Dubai was initially a place we were considering when we were booking a holiday last year. I think if we did it, we would have to go extravagant and go all out on perhaps a five day trip.



When my mum told me that she was going Venice, I had a major pang of jealousy. Venice, like Paris, has been a holiday destination I’ve always wanted to go to. I just find it fascinating that there’s no roads and only canals. As a Londoner where city life is constantly non-stop with cabs nearly knocking you over and big red buses honking past, a trip to Venice sounds like heaven.

What trips do you have planned for 2018? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored collaboration with Destination2. All words are my own.


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