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Car Tyres Care Tips | How To Avoid Tyre Damage


Owning a car can be pretty expensive and we’re fortunate that at the moment, we don’t require a car to get around but we’re starting to see the benefit of potentially getting one once we move out of London. There’s a lot of potential expense when it comes to your car so in order to reduce it, here are a few car tyre care tips and how to avoid tyre damage. If you’re looking for new tyres, you can buy your car tyres in Essex from Jet Wheel Tyre.


Change For The Season

Different weather conditions can mean your tyres also have to change depending on the time of year, whether you’re in Essex or Yorkshire. You should really have two types of tyres handy, one for summer and one for winter. But what’s the difference between the two?

Well, winter tyres are higher in rubber content and that keeps them flexible in the cold. Winter tyres will also have lots of little grooves in them that provide you with better grip and that’s handy for wet weather conditions. Summer ones will have a harder rubber to cope with warmer weather. This means they have less friction and are therefore more fuel efficient.


Avoid Potholes And Cracks In The Road

Depending on your work route or the general trips you make, you probably drive along the same roads most days. When potholes and cracks form in the road, this can have a direct impact on both your tyres and the integrity of your car. So as much as it’s easy enough to just drive over them, it is best to avoid them if you can. But do it safely and if that’s not possible then flag it up with your local council and take an alternative route.


Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Just like you would have done with your bicycle tyres, have regular usage, the pressure in your tyres will naturally decrease and so it’s very important to check your tyre pressure regularly. If you run your car with low pressured tyres, you risk uneven tyre wear and if they’re pumped up too much then it can risk them bursting.


Avoiding Heavy Breaking & Skidding

Sometimes we can’t help it. Breaking or skidding may be required to avoid a collision or accident happening. However, the more you heavily break, the more damage it can do to the brake pads. Keep your speed steady and always take the necessary precautions to drive the right distance away behind the vehicle in front of you. Be attentive in harsher weather conditions too, especially on icy or wet roads.

What car tyre tips would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Jet Wheel Tyre. All words are my own.


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