How to Choose The Best Neighborhood When House Hunting


When searching for a home, location is everything. Although finding your dream neighborhood seems easy, when you consider proximity to amenities and your budget, you will see that it is not. Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing the right neighborhood.


Safety and Crime

Before you agree to buy a house, you should research the level of safety in the neighborhood. You should first do some research online then visit the neighborhood in person and talk to the residents. As with most home-buying decisions, figuring out the level of crime and safety is a vital part of the process.

Although your realtor can show you different resources that will answer your questions about the neighborhood, he cannot voice his opinion about the level of crime. This means that it is your responsibility to choose a safe neighborhood for your family.


Property Taxes

Property taxes usually affect the overall cost of living. If you want to see what your property taxes will look like in a given county, you should go online. Moreover, the property tax of a house will be included in the property listing. This will make your decision that much easier.


School Zones

Do you have school-going children? You should consider looking for property inside a school zone. However, you should keep in mind that the proximity of schools to homes affects the value of a property. Besides, parks and community centers usually increase the value of houses in a given neighborhood.

Before choosing a house in a specific neighborhood, you need to consider the school that your child will attend once you move there. Are there some community centers and parks in the region? Knowing the answers to these questions will get you a step closer to figuring out if you are moving to the right neighborhood.


Property Value

If several properties have sold in the recent past, you will have an idea of the value of homes in that neighborhood. In most cases, homes that are within the same neighborhood will have a similar price range. When you are hunting for a house, your realtor will show you properties that are comparable to the ones you are considering. Then you can compare the prices and choose a home that is perfect for your needs and budget.


Geography and Topography

If you want a property that overlooks a scenic view or is close to the water, you should be ready to part with a significant amount of money. On the other hand, you should watch out for flood zones as well as other areas that are prone to danger. Before making your decision, you should consider whether you need special insurance on top of your homeowner’s insurance.

If the property is in a flood zone, it might be cheaper but it will not be worth it. Therefore, you should do some research before you choose a location.


Consider the Amenities

ApartmentsAside from looking at schools and parks in the nearby area, you should consider the amenities that matter to you.

If you are a foodie who would like to try different restaurants, you should look for luxurious apartments such as downtown LA apartments (Atelier – Luxury Living in DTLA) that are close to many restaurants. Before choosing a specific neighborhood, you should consider the nightlife, community, and transport.

Choosing the right neighborhood takes time and effort, but the above tips will be helpful. Start house hunting early enough if you want to find the perfect neighborhood.

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