My 5 Year Plan Before I’m 30


I’m 25 years old, nearly 26. I’m less than 5 years away from 30 and for me, that’s scary AF. I feel like I’m definitely experiencing the mid-20s life crisis where I’m confused about where I’m going and what I’m doing both in my career and life. That’s why I’ve created my 5 year plan.

5 Year PlanI have five years (currently) until I hit the bit 3-0 and there’s a certain expectation from myself of what I want to achieve within that time. Everyone’s different and that’s perfectly OK but I thought for those of you in the same situation as myself, it might be an interesting read.


Kids At 30

Of course, I hit the broody stage of life when I turned 25. This overwhelming urge to have a child is very much prominent now which is weird because previously, I’ve always been freaked out by the prospect of having something growing and moving about inside of me. That feeling sort of disappeared overnight and now I can visualise myself being pregnant and having a baby.

I do think 30 is the age that I ideally would like to have a child, I think for me, my 20s are my ‘me’ years to be selfish and to live my life for me and my partner. As much as I want a child to dress in kids designer wear from Strawberry Children, I’m still too focused on spending money for me – plus I’m still a kid myself in my head.


A Successful Career

I started off wanting to be an actress. I don’t think this has changed because I still love acting but I’d be lying if I said that my passion has fizzled out for it at the moment. Since starting my blog, I discovered my love for writing and social media. I would love to take a slightly different career path and work in social media to see if this is something that’s for me. 

I really want to have a successful career or at least have it all figured out within the next five years. I’ve had my fair share of temping work so I definitely feel it’s time to sit down and think about what I want to do.

I Want To Be Married

I’m already half way there, so this is the most likely of things I’ll achieve. Getting married I feel, is like THE official point at which my adult life begins because it sort of snowballs the whole kids/settling down conversation.

We (or I should I say) started a wedding budget the other day and it’s crazy how much money goes into one day but hey it’s probably the most important day of your life, so you want to make it special to you.


Moved Into Our Family Home

It’s still hard to believe that myself and Sam own a property in London but for me, London isn’t my forever home. I can see myself moving slightly further out of the city for a quieter life and I have to admit, that I miss the rural way of living.

Our first home was always going to be an investment property. We hope that the crossrail and just the market in general, continues to increase and that from it, we can then get an actual house, with a garden and all of the rooms.


Get A Dog

And finally, I really want a dog. I’ve already mentioned this before on my blog, but I have so much love to give and if we got a dog, it would be the most loved dog EVER. For me, I also feel it would complete our family whether we decide to get one before we have kids or after.

Do you have a five year plan? Whatever your age, let me know your plans in the comments below. 


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Strawberry Children. All words are my own.


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