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As a self-made businesswoman (yes I like to think very highly of myself), blogging has not only become a source of income but it’s provided me with a plethora of skills that I didn’t even know I’d gain. From pitching to clients to improving my photography and writing, I’m slowly creating what will hopefully be a full-time successful business. And in this world of entrepreneurship, where many of us are creating a side business, having the right knowledge is essential. Sewport is a service that can turn those ideas into reality when it comes to fashion.

FashionThe fashion industry is a tough market, especially when it seems there’s a new brand or designer popping up every other day. So for those who merely have an idea or dream of owning their own fashion line but have no experience or knowledge of starting one up – well it can seem like an impossible reality.

But anything is possible and companies like Sewport exist to help turn your ideas into a successful business. If you are considering a business in fashion then these tips will definitely help you on your way to be A FASHION QWEEEEN.


Know Your Style

Whether it’s street fashion or ultra glam, knowing your style is one of the most obvious and important things to make sure you’ve got cemented before going into the actual manufacturing of the clothing.

Consider what your target audience is going to be and go with a style that you love rather than just because it’s trending or is fashionable now. It tends to transpire that those who are successful have created something completely new rather than copying something that already exists.


Think About Size

In this industry, it seems getting a brand to fit every size is difficult and although it shouldn’t be, at least we have new brands that are coming in and filling the gaps to cater for all sizes. Thinking about your sizes is important because they also tie in with your audience. Money may not allow you to cater for all sizes but try and aim to cover as many as possible.


Patterns & Feedback

When it comes to the design, make sure you take your time on the patterns and what colours you want in each piece and then get these samples to focus groups or individuals who can give you honest and critical feedback on your clothing. Friends and family are great but let’s be honest, they can be pretty biased and you can do no wrong in their eyes.


Budget & Pricing

Of course this is the biggest challenge in the creation of your business and that’s money. Have a budget for your business is crucial to help you reduce any losses from the onset. If you didn’t have a budget, you’ll find yourself over-spending and it’s always important to keep track of your expenditures.

Pricing is also something you should consider when it comes to individual items. Do you want it to appeal to the high-street buyer or are you looking to turn your garments into designer pieces? All these things need deciding on before you start meeting with potential distributors and clients.

Give It A Name

And lastly, your fashion line obviously needs a name. Think long and hard about this as it’s one that you’ll need to stick with. Your name needs to reflect and tie in with your clothing so don’t just go random. Do the same as you would with the samples and pitch your ideas to those in the business and from your target audience.

Sewport is a great platform to help you find a suitable service for every step of your production, so be sure to check out how Sewport works on their website. Have you thought about starting a business? Let me know what it would be in the comments below, even if it’s not within fashion.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Sewport. All words are my own.

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