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I’ve spoken a little bit about self-care and how we all need to embrace quality time for just ourselves. We often spend so much time looking after others that our priority to look after ourselves often ends up coming last. I feel so strongly about self-care because it’s often something that affects our mental health if we don’t look after it. Most of us tend to brush it off or ignore our feelings when we should be the doing the exact opposite. So when Kiss My Parcel got in touch, I wanted to make sure I used my platform to share their amazing care packages.

Kiss My ParcelRegardless of the occasion, there’s always a specific gift we tend to buy. If that person is going through an emotionally challenging time, we normally send flowers. For birthdays, we tend to send gift cards or money, but that can sometimes feel a little impersonal. Care packages that are tailored to certain situations can be more a surprise and could benefit the person receiving them even more.

Kiss My Parcel was actually devised in the USA in 1945 to offer relief to large groups of people at risk of starvation in Europe after World War II. Life is full of unexpected events and these care packages are very much needed in today’s society, whether that’s for someone suffering from an illness or a student in their first year of university and struggling to rub two pennies together. 

Kiss My Parcel is a fresh brand formed from the inspiration of these care packages by a devoted mum called Nadine. What started as one single hamper, known as the Hospital Healing Care Package, for her uncle who sadly had terminal cancer soon transformed into a whole line of packages for various occasions.

Kiss My ParcelThe packages range from £34.99 to £100+ so there’s a great mixture to suit most gift budgets. From student bundles to new parent packages, I thought I’d pick out a few that I would enjoy receiving.


Cold & Flu 

OMG can you imagine having the worst cold in the entire world and this little beauty arriving on your doorstep or better yet on the foot of your bed. Say a stuffy-nosed hello to this super hero Cold & Flu package containing good ol’ treats like soup in a mug, throat sweets and even a bottle of Olbas Vapour Bubble Bath.

At £49.99 you are getting eleven items that will cure you of your cold & flu. And if it doesn’t, I’m sorry babes but you’re beyond help. That or you have the dreaded man flu.


Student Survival

Where was this care package when I was at university? To be honest, my parents helped me out a lot but this would have been the ultimate survival package for student life. From handy notepads and pens to Pro Plus, which is a lifesaver for pulling all-nighters on assignments, this Student Survival package for £64.99 is going to be muchly appreciated for any under-grad or post-grad going through university.


Hangover Survival

And talking of survival, the hangovers for me right now are just disgusting. Girl, no one wants to be suffering from two or three day hangovers so this parcel could be a great help next time I get a visit from douche-bag hangover. I’m looking at the Kool & Soothe Migraine Patches and errr, what the hell are hangover drops? They sound freaking incredible.

£47.99 for this Hangover Survival package may seem like a lot but god when you have a hangover, I’m sure you’d pay anything to get rid of it.

I think these care packages definitely have potential as something a little different than the usual gifts we get for others and I’m certainly going to be looking at these next time I need something different. What do you think of Kiss My Parcel? Let me know your favourite package in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Kiss My Parcel. All words are my own.

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