How Blogger Outreach Can Benefit Both Bloggers And Brands


I’ve talked often about ways to improve your blog and like any business, it’s important to stay relevant and keep up with the industry you’re in. When it comes to the world of blogging, it’s constantly changing and both bloggers and brands can benefit from the use of blogger outreach services. Blogs play a significant role in promoting products and services, being just as influential as the traditional methods are marketing and promotion. So how can blogger outreach help for you, whether you run a blog or brand?

Blogger OutreachAs a blogger, it’s up to you whether you want your blog to be a business or a simply a hobby. With blog, blogger outreach is important because it allows you to have the opportunity to work with new companies and if you’re lucky, the ones you already love.


More Exposure

No matter how you see your blog, we all have that proud moment when more than just your mum and dad read your blog. When you collaborate with a brand or business, their readers are likely to read your content, especially if they promote your blog on their own social media platforms. Therefore, the more collaborations you make, the bigger the exposure. 

Always liaise with the company to see if they’ll promote the content you produce as it all helps to get more readers onto your platform.


Boosts Your Site’s Presence

From the exposure you get, you’ll also in turn, boost your site’s presence. Having an SEO-friendly blog (SEO stands for search engine optimisation), is great for getting your site noticed by other brands and PR companies that will want to work with you in the future. Blogger outreach helps with this as you’ll be linking to other sites that may have a greater domain authority than you and if they end up linking your blog post on their website, this can really make a difference.


Helps Build Relationships & Connections

Building connections and relationships happen in pretty much any industry and your reputation in the blogging community can have an influence on whether someone works with you or not. PR companies may have multiple staff members who reach out to bloggers for different campaigns and clients so if you impress one of them with your work, they’ll likely recommend you to their colleagues.

BlogFor brands, a blogger outreach strategy can be a little more complex but if executed right, it can make a positive impact to any marketing campaigns you run for the business.


Plan Your Campaign Fully Before Reaching Out

It’s imperative that you plan your campaign out fully before reaching out to bloggers. You want to know what type of bloggers you require in relation to the audience you are trying to reach. If you don’t, and instead just email random bloggers asking to collaborate on a product or service that isn’t relevant, expect to get a short or no response.


Consider The Costs

Even if you work with the bigger influencers, the cost of using a blogger is a lot cheaper. Bloggers are essentially freelance writers, so don’t take advantage of the effort and time they take to review and promote your product or service. A lot of bloggers will provide you with a media kit which will include rates. Be sure to consider this and if it’s too high for your budget, query to see if they will strike a deal with you. 


Analyse The Performance

A lot of brands who work with bloggers, won’t bother much with looking at the results that each blogger has achieved on the campaign. This is highly recommended you do because some may do better than others. It’s this that will help you tailor future campaigns and perhaps even work with those bloggers again.

What do you think of blogger outreach? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.

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