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The conversation about learning to drive came up over Christmas. Myself and Sam are starting to see the benefits of getting a car when we move slightly further out from London. Getting around when we’re back in our hometowns would be much easier and we’ll have more freedom to roam the countryside because you can’t really do that without a car. Car safety is something I’ve always been eager to push through my blog because I’ve seen too many friends and mutual friends lose their lives either through car faults or dangerous driving. DAT Tyres stress the importance of maintenance when it comes to your car and rightly so.

Car SafetyI wanted to talk about the importance of an MOT service. It’s something I hear many friends and family members dread because who knows what costly repairs lie beneath the surface?! But getting an MOT service is incredibly important and here’s why.


It’s Vulnerable To More Damage

It’s pretty obvious if you don’t fix something then the likelihood of it completely falling apart is pretty high wouldn’t you say? Well, that’s exactly the point when it comes to checking your car in for an annual MOT service. Not all of us are car experts, so we don’t always see the problems because most of them are likely to occur inside the car, where you can’t see it.

Leaving it for later or just ignoring it, isn’t going to do your car any favours and that goes the same for your wallet too. You could end up forking out a lot more in the future. 


Lives Are At Risk

We say it never happens to us or our family until it does. Sadly, you hear about deaths involving vehicles on a daily basis and I feel we’ve become a little numb to things like this happening, perhaps even ignorant that something could happen so close to home. Without proper care and maintenance, your car can pose a serious risk to yourself and other passengers. Not to mention other drivers and pedestrians too.


Makes It Easier To Sell On

Whenever anyone I know buys a car, the one thing they look for is previous MOT services. This is because if there isn’t, then that raises suspicions that the car may not be everything it’s being sold to be. If ever you wanted to sell the car on, it’s beneficial that you get all of the issues fixed and that you have proof of checks and services that you have done to show the prospective buyer.

You should also have a checklist of things to keep maintained, such as the tyres and making sure they’re pumped up. Look out for any dents or damage to the exterior of the car and double check the windshield for any cracks or scratches. You can book your MOT at DAT London branches if you need someone reputable.


Fines, Fines, Fines

If the car is over 3 years old, then it should have an MOT check each year. Failing to do so and getting caught means you’ll face an on the spot fine. Not fun for anyone, especially as it can be easily avoided by just getting it serviced. 

Do you take car maintenance seriously? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with DAT Tyres. All words are my own.

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