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When you think of James Bond, what tends to be one of the things you associate it with? A hot man? Of course. A martini that’s shaken, not stirred? I mean, obviously. Or perhaps you think about the cars that Bond drives that you wish you could be in… 


Bond makes all the ladies go a little gooey-eyed (unless you’re not one for rippling, washboard abs) and car companies pay a baffling amount of money to feature their cars in the movie. In fact, there’s a lot of television and films where cars have sort of become iconic because they’ve appeared in such popular shows. Back To The Future is another famous one as well as others from that decade that made them the cars of the 80s. But what others can you think of? Here’s a few that have certainly been iconic to me.

James Bond
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James Bond

Already mentioned I know, but who can forget the Aston Martins that Bond effortlessly manages to destroy, much to the distress of Q who always tells Bond to try and bring it back in one piece. Ha yeah, not gonna happen.

Back To The Future

Everytime I see this film is playing on TV, I have to watch it. It’s every kid’s (and let’s admit, adult’s) dream to be able to travel back and forth in time. Especially when it’s in a vintage car like Doc’s DeLorean. With all it’s nifty gadgets and the doors that lift up instead of outwards, this car was what made the film so memorable to me.


If you aren’t familiar with this show, Brum was a British children’s tv show that I was obsessed with as a kid. I loved how Brum would wake up whilst his owner was away and go on his own mini adventures, always getting himself in very fun situations. He was a hero to me…even though he was just a car. The car itself is actually a half-scale replica of a late-1920s Austin 7 “Chummy” convertible. Who knew?!

Scooby Doo

I would have gotten away with it if it’s wasn’t for those pesky kids‘. Yes, Scooby Doo was part of a team I so desperately wished I was a part of when I was younger. Travelling around together in The Mystery Machine, the group would always triumph over the bad guys. Most people think of the van, resembling that of a VW but there are others who see the car as a Chevy Sportsvan. What do you think?


It culminates with a race between the T-Birds and the rival gang, the Scorpions, but many will remember the rusty old car being turned into the shiny, sleek engine in the song ‘Grease Lightin‘. Does anyone find it a bit odd when it flies off at the end? Very weird. Anyway, the car used in the race was a 1948 Ford De Luxe Convertible, so very vintage!


What television shows and films can you think of? Let me know in the comments below and check out some more cars of the 80s here.




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