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10 Essential Summer Vacation Items Every Woman Needs

Before you take your passport and put on some lipgloss and your hair accessories from Scunci for a shiny summer look, you need to think about the things you will actually need during your summer vacation. People tend to overpack when going somewhere so hopefully this list will help you narrow down the items you will need!

Suitcase HolidayThis is a collaborative post.

Quality Purse

There is nothing more lovely than proudly carrying a purse that you love. They are like an extension of our arm, where we can fit all of our essentials. Italian handbags, made from leather, fabric floral bags, colourful vinyl handbags – the choices are practically endless. But to avoid overpacking for your trip, pick the one that will be large enough to fit all of your necessities and that is at the same time stylish for your summer vacation photos!


Floral Dress

Whether you are absolutely feminine or a little tomboyish-a floral dress for summer is just an absolute must! Not only will you be comfortable (dresses are really good for summer heat), you will also look absolutely stunning. If you aren’t used to wearing dresses, ever, pick one that you think you will be comfortable in. Who knows maybe this summer you will discover a new side to yourself!


Hat & Sunglasses

Not only are these great summer accessories that bring that Golden Age of Hollywood glamour, but they are also extremely important for your health! Due to climate change in the last couple of decades, our summers are getting warmer each year. So it’s necessary, in order to stay healthy, to invest in a good pair of sunglasses and a nice hat. The sunglasses prevent wrinkling around your eyes and the hat will protect your head from the Sun. If you aren’t used to wearing a hat-there are plenty of options you can look up because luckily hats have come back in style and we have a wide range of them!


Sun Protection

Like we mentioned before, due to climate change, summers are getting warmer each year resulting in higher UV light. They damage collagen fibres and accelerate the aging of the skin! Not to mention it can cause potential cancer, but we don’t want to scare you.

This can all be prevented with the right sunscreen. Look for sunscreens that have high SPF. You want to keep your skin fresh and glowing right? Also, consider a shampoo that can help your hair recover after being exposed to the Sun.


Water bottle

You should properly hydrate always and especially in the summer! Your body gets dehydrated a lot easier during hot summer days. Which isn’t good, to say the least. Investing in a good reusable water bottle will help you stay hydrated through the day and may help save the environment. You know that plastic bottles are destroying our nature in a way, so if you choose to invest in a beautiful water bottle not only will you have a nice glass bottle with you always you will in a way contribute to saving the planet!


First Aid Kit

When heading somewhere on vacation, especially abroad, you should always think about bringing with yourself a first aid kit. Even if you are as healthy as you can be, you never know if you may need it. Hopefully, you won’t but packing antiseptics, painkillers, tweezers, scissors, plasters, sterile dressings, and a bandage tape are an essential part of a first aid kit.


Comfortable Shoes

It’s one thing to look good in photos wearing high heels and a completely different if you have to walk around with painful blisters! So do bring high heels if you are planning on going to a romantic dinner with your significant other. But if you are planning to spend the majority of your vacation walking and exploring comfortable shoes are a must! Find some high-quality sandals or some closed-toe summer shoes. Your feet will thank you!


A Good Book

Imagine this scene. You are on the beach lounging while the sun is kissing your skin. You take a big sip of your beverage of choice and in your hand, is a beautiful book. Filled with beautiful imagery and scenery. Books are awesome to put it simply. They are a great way to relax and just be taken away by the story of the characters. Consider reading Orchid and the Wasp, Ordinary People or The Farm.


Selfie Stick + Cool Photo App

Selfie sticks can be really handy. Although the internet has been laughing to people who have them, they obviously never been to a nice destination while vacationing. Taking pictures with your phone has never been easier. And if you’re not a professional photographer a selfie stick can help you choose the right angle.

Consider installing a cool photo app on your phone as well. While you’re at your room lounging and relaxing you can put that time to use and try to make your pictures even more beautiful. You can get creative and be happy with the results of your new photos!


Beauty Essentials

To avoid overpacking take the thing you absolutely need! So a shampoo conditioner and moisturizes you usually put on are simply a must. Everything above that will just sit in your suitcase. Don’t forget to pack a few lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and foundation if you use it. But because it’s summer, it’s better to replace your foundation with a good BB cream with SPF. Your face will feel much lighter.

Hopefully, this list has given you an insight into what things to pack when going for a summer vacation. The only thing left to say is to have a safe trip and a great time!


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


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