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Five WordPress Plugins Worth Installing For Your Blog

WordPress has been the most influential part of my blogging experience after having moved from Blogger/Blogspot a few years ago now. It took a little adjustment in terms of working with a new platform but I much prefer it to the previous one I was on. This is because it has so much more that you can do with it and one of the great benefits is the plugins you can install. These plugins are a great way to help elevate your website in many ways. For anyone who is thinking about blogging and how they can improve or how to start one, always buy yourself a website theme. This can be one that’s pre-made like I have, or it could be something you get designed from scratch. Either way, you want a web design to show professionalism in your blog and to also help these plugins perform in the best way. Here are five WordPress plugins worth installing for your blog.Fontsy

Broken Link Checker

I still find it fascinating that people are coming onto my blog and reading my content. It’s weird to think but I’m happy that people still enjoy reading blogs. I joined during a time where I felt like I was late to the party but I’ve been doing it for so long now that I feel like I am an oldie in comparison. What I’ve realised though is that it’s important to present your blog site perfectly or as perfectly as you can get it. That includes making sure all your links are working and Broken Link Checker such a good plugin to alerting you to broken links within your blog. By fixing broken links, it also improves the presence of your blog on the internet.

Wordpress Plugins Fontsy


Fonts are a really important thing for your blog. I’ve personally clicked off a lot of blog posts in the past for the simple fact that the font used made it too difficult to even read. Not only should the font be readable but it should also match the style of your blog and the personality too. I’ve been through a varied phase of fonts and I think I’ve managed to find the best ones for my blog but a plugin like (which you can see in the photo above) is a great one to use. You can easily purchase fonts from the library of over 2,000 available or you can import your own fonts that perhaps you’ve ever created yourself or found elsewhere online. It’s a very easy plugin to use and it’s worth downloading and giving it a go. If you’re looking for a WordPress font plugin, then this is the one to try.



As far as comments go, it’s great to receive comments of any kind on my blog in response to what I’ve talked about. I try to use my platform for good and to be helpful where I can be. Disqus is a great plugin to add to simply elevate your comments section and to also moderate your comments. You’re likely to get a few spam comments. But the good thing about this one is that you can moderate all of your comments. It helps if you wish to control the amount that features on one blog post. Or if you simply want to sift out any bad comments that people might leave.



Imsanity is certainly one to use when it comes to making sure your website is running efficiently. It basically analyses all of your existing images on the blog. It will process all the new ones to ensure that any big image files are compressed. This helps to speed up your website as this can often be a big turn off for visitors to your website where the page just doesn’t load properly. It’s worth double-checking that all your images are compressed. By doing a run of the plugin, it’s useful as some can often slip through the net.


Yoast SEO

And finally, my favourite of all, the Yoast SEO. It’s one that features at the bottom of your blog post on edit mode. It can help you tick off all the relevant things that can make it SEO-friendly for the search engines. The better you make your posts, the more Google likes it and therefore ranks your pages higher. It’s definitely worth having and doing for the sake of your blog’s popularity.

What WordPress plugins do you have? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Fontsy. All words are my own.


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