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How You Can Save Money When Moving Home

Moving home is often thought to go hand in hand with spending a huge chunk of cash. There’s no getting away from the fact that that’s what’s going to happen. However, there are still ways for saving money when moving home. Ways you don’t have to spend just as much as you thought. The saved cash can be used on furniture for your home, left in savings, or for a little treat. Each person’s move is inevitably different.

That’s why you need to be careful when finding advice online. Always apply it to your own personal situation in a bespoke way instead of just running with it. You may have considered some of these, but think about your own situation with the tips in mind and see if they can save you a bit of cash on the way. Good luck!

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Think About Your Mortgage

It’s the most expensive thing you’ll probably ever sign up to, so make sure you get it right. A lot of people rush into it and end up paying a lot of interest. You can sometimes save money by using a Broker, who will have access to different kinds of home loans. It might be you’re stuck not sure whether to take a hdb bank loan, or you might not be sure if you can afford the interest. They can help, just be sure they take their money from the other side instead of from you. Put down as much money as you can.

The more you put down, the more you save. It’s a strange concept, but it means you’ll be paying less interest in the long run. Not everyone can do this of course, but if you’re in the position to save for a little longer and put more money down it’s well worth doing. By being selective of your mortgage, you can get the best interest rates from a reputable provider. Finding the right mortgage is paramount and it can literally save you thousands.


Book The Removal Firm In Advance

These firms can get booked up pretty quickly, especially in the summer when more people tend to move home. If you book it in advance, you’ll save money and also land a good firm. If you wait until the last minute you’ll end up having to pay a lot more in most cases with less firms to choose from. Make sure you pick one with the right insurance and experience. Picking late doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a bad company, just with one that isn’t exactly on the same level as some of the others.

Booking early also means you’ve got longer to pay them, or to at least save up to pay them. Doing it late means you’ve suddenly got to dump a load of cash into removal that you might not have thought about. Book them in advance for the best saving.



Some removal firms charge on pallet space taken up. You’d do well to declutter before the move to save you some money. If you and your family are hoarders or are just people who need a good clearing out, then this is your chance. Not only can you save a lot of money doing this, but you can also make some too. If you sell some of the stuff you declutter you can use it to furnish your new home.


Don’t Move In Right Away

If you can, buy the home and leave it empty for a week or so. This means you can get in and paint it. Most people paint their homes upon moving in and doing so saves a chunk of cash which would usually go to a painter and decorator. You can make this easier for yourself by painting a completely empty home instead of one full of boxes and furniture. If you’d prefer to pay a decorator, that’s fine. But if you’re trying to save cash this is a surefire way to make things a lot easier on yourselves.


Don’t Sign Up To The Current Utility Providers

A lot of people who have just moved into a new home will sign up to the old owner’s utility providers. It’s simple and easy and costs them less hassle. But it probably costs them more money. Switching can always save you money, so make sure you do this right away. Compare the providers and move to the cheapest one, or the greenest one depending on your preference. Even if you do stay with the current provider, make sure you call them and see if you can get the price lowered as technically, you’re a new customer.

What tips could you recommend for saving money when moving home?


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


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