Finding Motivation For Exercise

Earlier on today I went for a run in my new shorts. These will be featured in my clothes haul vlog tomorrow so look out for that video. Going for a run was fantastic and it’s surprising how healthy it makes you feel afterwards. I’ve got my pedometer going on my phone and my food diary all updated so hopefully, I should lose the weight I want by the end of May (here’s hoping). I’ve also been super busy promoting my YouTube channel on multiple platforms to show people my passion for my vlog. If you don’t already know, my motivation for fitness is very low, which is probably the case for many of us. I find that the only time I’m motivated to work out is when I’m at the gym. Seeing all the people around you working out makes me feel like I should be doing the same and I even find myself pushing my limits more just because there are people that are much fitter in the room.

Stones working outAlso, I’ve been rehearsing for a play that I’ll be in from next Wednesday-Saturday (30th April – 3rd May 2014). The play’s called Noises Off and it’s a hilarious comedy that’s very much a farce. It’s one of the first plays that I’ve been in for a couple of years and it’s certainly been difficult to adjust. Over the past few years, I’ve been performing in musicals. Musicals are different to plays because they focus more on song and dance than the actual script. When I came to university, I had no plans to be in musicals, they weren’t the type of theatre I was looking to get into. However, when I came across Curtain Call and ended up doing 13 the Musical as my first show, I was hooked! It’s certainly made my university experience extra special.

Now with Noises Off, I’m really enjoying the process of developing the character that I’m playing, more so than the ones in the musicals I did. Stage plays are still the direction I want to take my career in but I’m also interested in getting into television and film. This is something I really need to start looking at when I finish university and move down to London. I feel though at a loss at the lack of advice to be given about becoming a professional actor in the industry. We weren’t really given any sort of help or were even contacted by our personal tutors about what we wanted to do after we left and given any advice on how to get there. Choosing to become an actor is tough just because there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a casting job. There is no real permanent job until you manage to get noticed and even then there’s never any guarantee it will last.

If you happen to be around Aberystwyth then, then please get your tickets via the Arts Centre website or go into their box office. Hopefully see you there and look out for my next vlog tomorrow!

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